Specialist calls for investment opportunities in the implementation of development projects

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Specialist calls for investment opportunities in the implementation of development projects

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Panting international export of goods and services  

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice  to coincide with the direction of Iraq towards the transition to a market economy and to enter the WTO, increasing the need to forge partnerships with the private sector and government support with international companies to implement development projects serve the country. 

Though this work mounting, But the consultant in industrial development and investment Amer Jeweler criticized the coping mechanisms of economic with the countries of the world, especially that Iraq buys goods and services and even raw materials and construction of these countries compared to what it gets from rents unilateral, saying it dealings unequal, and bear country the burden of continuing. 

goals specific and occur Jeweler "morning" the desire of countries in the world in the export of goods and services to Iraq, but he urged to take advantage of these opportunities and achieve economic relations successful and equally attracted by these countries to invest in the country, and the development of specific goals by holding forums and conferences abroad and focus on certain projects out the results of the logical and practical. 

called on the competent authorities which are directly related to the development of the Iraqi economy in cooperation with the private sector and government support, to diagnose and determine the projects studied small, medium and Find implemented by foreign companies, stressing the need to invest meetings with international companies foreign to implement productive projects and services in the country, they also increase the employment opportunities and revitalization of Iraqi capabilities. procrastination investment either for a business that has emerged recently with the United States, said the jeweler: 

"This means that the increase in Iraq's purchase of the products of these countries what carries the burden of ongoing, in addition to distract of money in this direction, which must be devoted to the diversification of the economy, but also acted to increase the delay investment opportunities in Iraq by opening the horizons of many and increasingly to imports. 

" It is said that the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Rose Nuri Shaways discussed with the representative of the U.S. Commerce in Washington, recently , many of the issues of common economic and job opportunities of U.S. companies in Iraq and the problems and obstacles that hinder their work there, as was provided a briefing on measures are carried out by the Iraqi government in order to attract investors and create a good investment environment, as it was the opening of a trade office Iraqis in Houston to enhance trade relations between U.S. companies and Iraq. diversify the economy and in this regard called jeweler to the need to diversify the economy and increase GDP by achieving the production of extra whatever was simple, which in turn leads to the provision of additional employment and develop Iraqi cadres, as well as diversifying the revenue budget. 

legal frameworks Observers believe that several factors behind the reluctance of some companies and capital from coming into Iraq, the most important instability security and rampant corruption in some of the joints in the absence of legal frameworks of modern bureaucracy, and not cringe these obstacles to investment remain economic forums and invitations to companies to come and Ngterv possible under the chances of Iraq, without a strong response translated into development projects on the ground, but the government and the competent authorities are currently working on the kinks, prompting several Korean companies and the United Arab Emirates and other nationalities to enter into investment in Iraq.



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