Indicators on Iraq's accession to WTO membership .. geographical location of Iraq is an important point for the exchange of trade

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Indicators on Iraq's accession to WTO membership .. geographical location of Iraq is an important point for the exchange of trade

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Writing and photography / Faris Al-Shammari

Continued ( Union ) polled a number of experts and government officials from both the public and private sectors around the dialectic of accession to the World Trade Organization within seminars Iraqi Businessmen Union and supported by the Center for International Private Enterprise as part of his talk show to activate the system the Iraqi economy ..

The third meeting under the title ( accession Iraq WTO pros and cons and the balance to achieve the national interests ) .

Divergent views serious discussions and solid between the conditions and limitations of the organization and the obligations of Iraq and feasibility of laws and economic measures and affected the political situation and the security and the prestige and power of the negotiating team of Iraqi and this is what eating most experts through working papers reviewed the advantages and risks of economic sectors and requirements development proposed and the emphasis on activating the work of productive enterprises and service The reference to the success that accompanied the agricultural initiative and the government's announcement to initiate the creation of industrial supplies to launch the initiative and provide the necessary support with a review of the reality of the financial and banking system of the public and private sectors .

Prepare for the speed to join ! !

* Economic expert Tawfik inhibitor in the gallery statement opinions commented:
There are , inter alia, that Iraq has signed the Convention on the rights of property , transport and media observed reality ..

and every movement of Iraqi trucks are not allowed to transcend international borders ..!

I would also like to refer to the last decisions of the World Trade Organization and adopted by the Conference ( Bali ), including the adoption of documents customs electronically and I extend my thanks to the initiative of the Union of businessmen to hold three economic conferences within the project of dialogue between the public and private sectors and what came out of it constructive recommendations , suggested to the Ministry of Commerce and the Minister call for a conference in collaboration with the Union of businessmen and commercial attaché Iraqi post to discuss the recommendations ..

We have seen that we are working together to develop economic structure for the purpose of entering the organization tell ( Prepare ) , we are with the speed of entry because the international location and geographical constitute the most important point for the exchange of global trade was imposed Committee negotiating to insist on it , and then will provide 50% of the cost of transport and distribution .

* Dr. Amir Paper ( Advisor ) In the intervention has said : -

The old colonial powers were imported many raw materials from the colonies , but after a while , return a manufacturer of our markets ..

It is noticeable now our condition is difficult and weak economic either as producers or industrial rail transport or land Awajawa and even Navy faced limited ..

The organization has international conditions and restrictions , and tell you the product quality standards to the level of competition .. versus foot slipped and stopped all production of machinery and equipment without the support of the state ..!

I think we did not give the investor the Iraqi expanse flexible investment law .. While the international environment and competition far advanced are we able to confrontation .. and open our borders and to support the control of our materials or ..? What if we raised support for our products .. inevitably doomed smuggling ..!

Industrial Initiative

Need to amend the laws effective

* From this side , Mr. Qais al-Khafaji, the former president of the Federation of Industries , said : -

* Undoubtedly Iraq's accession to the Organization of the many positives , especially legislation and regulation .. but our sectors of agricultural and industrial will be affected by the terms of this organization , and as you know, our industries are suffering from weakness and deterioration 20 years ago .. wars and the economic blockade and a number of laws and decisions that marginalized the productive sectors is still an obstacle in the way of the advancement and development.

Well done and tell the government the release of the agricultural initiative , which emerged as an economic activity in their results provide an important part of the food basket of the citizen and the market ..

He said al-Khafaji, either ăÇíÎŐ launch industrial initiative , we hope to initiate the procedures applied and the allocation of the necessary funds .. This requires review and amend legislation adapted to the essence of the goals of the initiative in the advancement of productive projects in the industrial sector and private , especially in the implementation of the customs tariff law , which forms part of the support of the national industry and work on activating the laws that have been approved and did not apply for a protection .. because the national product and consumer protection , among others.

* Representative of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce , Mr. Abdul Salam Al-Qaisi called for in his speech the need for coordination between the government and the private sector through the work of the sub-committees , national, and a statement of opinion regarding the role of private sector in development , he added .. Iraq since the 1924 foot and work the laws of economic, trade and have been mostly for the amendment The switch by virtue of the policy of successive governments .

I see that evaluate educational seminars about the benefits and rules of joining the organization and display of international trade agreements and regional deals with our country ..

We since 1990, let's join Iraq for membership of the organization and every time faces industrialists saying that they are not qualified .. From here, we benefit from the opportunities offered by the organization for the development of our economy through training quality and prepare to develop a legislative base for the commercial and industrial sectors and service as we see that give the government opportunities to share the private sector in the dialogue and the participation of other parties Kalmqaulin businessmen and Alsnaaan to strengthen the Iraqi negotiating team with the organization .. and call for full-time members of the National Commission to work for years in order to gain experience and expertise in a broader negotiation rounds ..

Convergence is missing between the desire and behavioral !

* The economic expert Dr Majid picture who tried to diagnose some of the steps to the issue of WTO accession , he said: -

There is a dichotomy between desire and reality , negotiation and behavioral means there must be legislation .. In fact, reflecting a general trend towards consumption and a significant hit industry .. and because no suitable climate and environment of the private and public sectors in the convergence between desire and behavior .

I think this inconsistency between the interests of those associated with the trade , which is hampering the Iraqi economy ..

He adds the picture - so in 10 years is not the provision of infrastructure for the economic process , including the exchange of electricity despite its many exaggerated .. Will reached the desired goals of the accession process ? Are we interested in this way of international links ..?
Even laws enacted did not apply and there is a large administrative financial corruption and wrote about very important bodies in the state , such as financial control, but has not been verified and follow-up ..

There are plans for economic development , but because it Notes .. including poor relations with the Ministry of Planning is not serious in achieving the desire to join without any practical measures will lead things in a relapse of the Iraqi economy ..

* In the context of interventions called Engineer Riad Mahrous board member Iraqi Federation of Industries to the importance of reviewing legislation and regulations exclusive and noted that it measures are weak and too slow and not commensurate with the importance of the entry into the organization .. including work on the application of the specifications and equipment , laboratories and warehouses .. they are still in their first road while note most states are running encryption supplements for all goods exported and imported among States internalized inside or outside the WTO ..

He adds Mahrous .. The absence of these steps we have to make way for the entry of inferior goods and ruined national products of this , along with the absence or weakness of quality systems of the ministries and commercial arbitration .. After we applied the Customs Law on (30) outlet border is not limited to work on specific ports without the other. . , it was harmful to our economy ..

Oil imports do not build an economy ..!

* Legal Adviser Dr. Zuhair al-Hassani in the Investment Authority, said in his speech .. we are between against and yes, in our entry into the organization and we have that today's globalization is moving Kalqtar rapid Van opposed will our economy consumer .. and indicators show that our economy since 1964 by the State Administration for all sectors but failed to development .. and that oil imports since the seventies did not build an economy ..

Now, after the transition from a centralized economy to a free market and confirmed by the Constitution, we note that the economy is unable to work alone .. and faced inter challenges including economic instability security and the flight of the Iraqi capital and the private sector to the outside because of the absence of legal environment and adds Hassani .. generally note that the culture of the Iraqi inside and outside the function is a culture of public sector .. any calls always free services without any productive work ..! !

Each tower will tell him cons of whether we like it or not out of the question because of our economic situation in the public sector and the deterioration of the more when we entered Kuwait and the spread of corruption and thus the loss of the economic cycle ..

There are two ways to join in our opinion, by studying the experience of joining Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iraq .. The mating of the two trials in the current circumstances ..

Activates the insurance sector of our economy

* In the dialogue session after a representative of the private insurance companies Saadoun al-Rubaie , said: -

I noticed in the recommendations of the first meeting of the dialogue between the public and private sector about the revitalization of economic sectors , which came out on January 21 neglect of the role and effectiveness of the private insurance sector , while the financial institution economical ...

but we need to amend the laws to promote the private sector , including insurance laws fact that we share with the banking sector civil They suffer from the dominance of banks and government institutions , and suggested not to limit the insurance companies, the state and even to include private companies ..

as well as invite investors and companies when the insurance companies have a civil and not only foreign insurers and hold letters of credit and make adjustments and allocations of all the provinces of the insurance on the property , including industrial the reduction in fees , which will affect the financial results ..

for the purpose of development, we propose a deadline for granted (5) years ..

* On the possibility to take advantage of national expertise in the industrial sector researcher finds Fahmi Ilyas Peter from examination and rehabilitation engineering ..

the importance of the use of Palmlakat technical highly developed in the departments and facilities of the industrial sector to the private sector ..

and these elite needed by our country in development projects ..

it requires the development of a system for the protection of engineering experts and infrastructure as well as pushing universities and centers of scientific and open exchange channels with the private sector ..

and adopt the style of the transfer of technology in the areas of import production lines and nutrition for private and public sector and coordination with watchdogs and organizations professional quality in order to contribute to the development of all economic sectors and human resources ..


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