Security Council intends to pass a resolution that obliges States to prevent the recruitment and travel "extremist fighters"

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Security Council intends to pass a resolution that obliges States to prevent the recruitment and travel "extremist fighters"

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Tuesday 9 September 2014 12:08

Security Council intends UN claim states "to prevent and restrain" recruitment and travel of foreign fighters to join the armed extremist groups such as al "Islamic state", through the criminalization of the domestic laws of the mind and a serious criminal offense.

And distributed to the United States, late on Monday, the Security Council, which includes 15 members, hopes that a draft resolution to be adopted unanimously at the high-level meeting chaired by President Barack Obama on September 24 the current. "

The United Nations, diplomats said, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the council is likely to reach an agreement on the resolution.

The American official said that there was a consensus appeared among council members on how to deal with foreign extremist fighters.

The draft resolution falls under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which makes it legally binding for the Member States of the international organization's 193 state and gives the Security Council authority to implement decisions through economic sanctions or use of force.

However, the draft resolution does not authorize the use of military force to address the issue of foreign fighters.

The draft resolution says that "All States should ensure that their laws and local Oaúham to establish criminal offenses serious enough to provide the ability to prosecute and punish a manner that reflects duly seriousness of the offense."

The draft resolution compels states to criminalize their citizens travel abroad and to facilitate the collection of money or other individuals to travel abroad, "the purpose of implementing or planning or preparing or participating in terrorist acts, or provide terrorist training or receive training."

The project aims decision mostly fighters foreign extremists traveling to conflict zones around the world, but hurry him rise of the "Islamic state", an offshoot of al-Qaida, which dominated parts of Iraq, Syria and announced the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate, and also the rise of the Front victory Qaeda's wing in Syria.

In the last month, and the UN Security Council unanimously approved a draft resolution aimed at a British Islamic state and the Front victory condemned the recruitment of foreign fighters and threatened to impose sanctions on those who finance or facilitate the travel of foreign fighters.

The draft resolution calls on states to George "to ask the airlines under its jurisdiction to provide advance information on passengers to the competent national authorities even track and monitor their departure from their land or attempt to enter or transit the land" with regard to individuals subject to UN sanctions.


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