US report: a barrel of oil will be $ 58 and will rise next year to $ 75

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US report: a barrel of oil will be $ 58 and will rise next year to $ 75

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Wednesday January 14, 2015 09:45

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
In a sudden appreciation, the United States announced that the price of a barrel of oil this year, 2015 will be at the level of $ 58 a barrel, and the price will rise in the next year in 2016 to $ 75 a barrel.

The US official estimates that prices Sttargeh dramatically, and estimates range between 28 and 112 dollars a barrel by the month of December 2015.

The agency said the US government the power to inform that the price of oil fell to its lowest level since 2009, influenced by the American production of energy from oil shale and global production and declining economic indicators and lower consumption.

Energy Information Agency confirmed that US production was at the level of 9.2 million barrels per day during the month of December, and will be at the level of 9.3 million per day, or 100 thousand barrels, up daily, and rise further over the next year to reach 9.5 million barrels per day, and this figure will second highest production ever in the history of the United States, where he was top 9.6 million barrels per day in 1970.

This figure raises some doubts from the Energy Information Agency, and many The reports estimated that during the past two weeks that the American exploration companies have begun to abandon new projects to expand the fields or building platforms. These reports also indicated that US oil companies would give up some of the production of shale oil, due to the high cost of production compared with the market price. The threshold of profitability stands at $ 40 when forced companies to halt production and stop losses.

According to Information Agency estimates to a fundamental change in the market in the near future, where production companies resort to follow the oil pump and stored on that consumption rises soon and be able to sell their production.

Some companies are betting on this improvement and accept interim losses, because stopping production would mean delays of these companies in the market to catch up if it halted its production, as the return to the hard work after the discontinuation of the existing platforms.

At the level of domestic consumption, the US Agency pointed out that the price of a gallon would be at $ 2.33, or about 60 cents per liter, and that means a significant improvement to the consumer, where individuals can save $ 750 per year. She said some estimates that the savings will reach $ 120 billion, benefiting consumers in the purchase of goods and fulfill the debt.

Price will remain at this level in the year 2016, where prices rise to $ 2.72 a gallon in 2016.


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