************ Opportunity to raise the value of the dinar

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************   Opportunity to raise the value of the dinar Empty ************ Opportunity to raise the value of the dinar

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 BAGHDAD - Mustafa al-Hashemi

Economists and experts describe the Iraqi monetary policy as good as maintained the stability of the exchange rate under difficult economic conditions and the slow march towards progress the country witnessed in previous years, despite Iraq's possession of the elements of the economic boom in all productive sectors.

 In this context, economic researcher saw state just to increase production achieve an increase in income and financial returns requires finding a balance or equation to ensure the continued improvement in the exchange rate with a salary increase to reach the stage commensurate with the productive economy and activating the industrial and agricultural sectors to improve the value of the dinar.

 Iraq has seen in the last ten years a rise in production and exports of oil at a time when the value of the dinar has seen remarkable stability without mention in the high purchasing power.

Adel said in a statement the "morning" Now is the chance, despite the difficult circumstances, to activate the productive sectors as stated in the government program of encouraging the private sector and entry effectively in economic development through self-reliance resources of the private sector and move his money and invested in the development of economic reality.

She noted that the citizens believe that achieved an increase in oil production to ensure a major boost for the dinar in time looking where to direct positive repercussions on their standard of living through the production and export growth, hoping to resolve this matter through the involvement of the private sector in the development process.

She called economic researcher to develop solutions that contribute to upgrading the reality of living of the citizen and the creation of employment opportunities and jobs for graduates and the unemployed through the activation of the private sector because it possesses the freedom in his works and his money management away from the bureaucracy that makes production distinct exploited by the efforts and energies of young.

The economic and academic Dr. Majid Baidhani said earlier in the "morning" to increase the productivity of the individual worker comes through the activation of the private sector and projects in the productive sectors such as agriculture and industry.

He added: It is necessary to achieve financial revenues through the creation of jobs and employment opportunities in the private sector and make it equally with government officials privileges that contribute significantly to the revival of the booming economy, having to rely on the oil industry to activate those opportunities.

He stressed: that the central bank was able through the successful implementation of financial policies in recent years have contributed a lot in the stability of the market and this may be leading role regarding the improvement of the exchange rate.

 He continued: Here comes the role of government and the competent authorities to complete drawing this picture by providing focused support to the private sector and the implementation of the government program, which stressed the importance in advancing the country's economy forward.

Stressing that the most successful monetary policy is to maintain the stability of the exchange rate increase provided Alantegeh.oasmah International Monetary countries with economies in transition fund implementation of currency controls to stabilize the economy during the reconstruction phase and this is what served as the local economy over the past years.

He Baidhani that Iraq currently has the expertise and economic efficiencies in homes experienced enough for taking the lead and initiate self-reliance to develop the economy through reform developmental programs and policies that fit this stage application.

Mention that there are several factors confirms the possibility of the high value of the dinar against the dollar, the most prominent is the existence of a great desire for foreign investors to buy the Iraqi dinar, in addition to having an excellent cash reserve, which covers the local currency, as well as the dinar currency traded publicly in the global currency markets.

It is said that the central bank was able during the previous years of the reduction of the dinar against the dollar from 1450 dinars to the dollar to 1166 dinars, which is now in the bank.



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