************* Parliamentary Legal: "oil and gas" will arrive next week to Parliament

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************* Parliamentary Legal: "oil and gas" will arrive next week to Parliament

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:52 am

الأحد 8 مارس 2015 | 06:24 مساء

Parliamentary Legal: "oil and gas" will arrive next week to Parliament

BAGHDAD / .. Parliamentary Legal Committee, announced on Sunday that the oil and gas law will arrive in Parliament next week, noting that there are differences between the political blocs may hinder his reading and voting on it.

Said committee member Ibtisam al-Hilali told the "eye Iraq News," The oil and gas law of the sensitive task that bears especially with regard to oil issues between the center and Alaqlm complexities of the laws, "indicating that he did not write to the far right way is being sought to amend some paragraphs before up to Parliament. "

She Hilali, "The oil and gas law from within Almmthbth document the political agreement laws are now being intensive dialogue between the political blocs to reach a final formulas and remove the differences," pointing out that it is unlikely that these days up to the parliament.



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