Defense: Ebadi briefed on Mosul liberalization plan

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Defense: Ebadi briefed on Mosul liberalization plan

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Defense: Ebadi briefed on Mosul liberalization plan

Last updated: October 2, 2016 - 12:02
BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , the Defense Ministry announced on Sunday, for receiving Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces , Haider al - Abadi "full plan" to liberate Mosul by the Joint Special Operations Command, confirmed the completion of all the arrangements and plans for Palmarkh.oukal military adviser to the Ministry of the team Mohammed al - Askari in a press statement today: " the joint Special operations command ended all battle to liberate Mosul details, and handed over the full plan to the General commander of the armed forces Haider Abadi , the prime minister , " stressing that " the commanding general is to decide the date of the operation starting point .

" he explained that " the plan integrated military and intelligence aspects, as well as humanitarian and service were equipped military sectors were collected and very comprehensive information on Daesh in the region , "referring to" ready and Zarate , health, immigration and others to aid the displaced to help the armed forces " , stressing the military, that" the units that will be involved completed all training and equipment and are ready to fight a battle to liberate Mosul and defeat Daesh , "explaining that" all actions conducted in accordance with the sequence Majtt contagious time in advance. "



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