Proceedings of the regular session of the Council of Ministers on the fourth of October

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Proceedings of the regular session of the Council of Ministers on the fourth of October

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Baghdad -arac Press October -5: Iraqi cabinet held its regular Tuesday October 4, 2016, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi.

According to the Information Office of the Prime Minister a statement the Council has discussed the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan 's remarks and expressed its rejection and condemnation of promise blatant interference in Iraqi affairs and an attempt to stir up sedition.

He said the Council of Ministers on the unity of the Iraqi people with all its components in the face of terrorism Aldaasha and to insist on the liberation of its territory and face all the threats and the defense of the sovereignty of Iraq and the Council calls for unity and political situation, especially that it regards Iraqi sovereignty

with regard to the support the World Bank and directed the government to support the poorest have been approved to confirm the Iraqi government and its request formally get the World Bank to support the design and implementation of the program in the form of a social fund in Iraq.

and an international bank group before the end of 2016 to assess the readiness of the community institutions to the provinces, organizations civil society, non - governmental organizations, as well as discuss the most prominent design options and implementation with the Iraqi government.

the inclusion of the next national partnership strategy at the request of the Iraqi government of the activity of establishing a social fund as one of the financial year , the output of 2018 also approved the adoption of the recommendations of the Committee on energy , on the themes rehabilitation and development US company GE plants, the second phase, the project Alhaidariya gas power station (125 4) MW.

The approval of the second phase of the US GE company contracts of $ (397,464,955,4) dollars, only three hundred and seven and ninety million, four hundred and sixty four thousand , nine hundred and five dollars and fifty four cents and the terms of payment on credit against the guarantee letter issued by the Ministry of Finance comes to financial competence, according to the detail contained under the letter of the Ministry of Electricity with a number: 46 121, dated 23/08/2016, according to the provisions of Article (31) of the federal budget for fiscal year 2016.

the Act also approved the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the opening of a consulate office of Japan to the Republic of Iraq in Erbil according to the provisions of articles (25) and (26) of the Foreign Service Law No. (45) for the year 2008 of the Vienna Convention on consular relations of 1962, with the retention of Iraq the right to open a consular office in Japan in the future in accordance with the principle of reciprocity.

as has been the approval of the iron and steel Company under the Ministry of Industry and minerals to negotiate with the company (UB Holding) Turkey for the purpose of termination of the contract consensual otherwise , the iron and steel Company to set up a lawsuit against the Turkish company above to terminate the contract, and the Inspector General at the Ministry of Industry and minerals to conduct investigation into the reasons for the delay in implementation and the reasons for assign the contract to a non - specialized company and the extent of the safety standards that have been adopted in the assignment of a contract to a Turkish company

. as has been the approval of the cancellation of the Council of Ministers resolution No. (75) for the year 2014 on the subject of the exemption from the wage floor in Iraqi ports as a result of damage caused to the General Company for ports of Iraq by the applied so as to defeat the purpose of the resolution. Ended (1)


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