Abadi postpone the submission of candidates for the ministries to after the holiday Muharram

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Abadi postpone the submission of candidates for the ministries to after the holiday Muharram

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October 8, 2016 | 10:10

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Said MP from the coalition of state law, Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, said the prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi, adjourned the submission of candidates to the ministries after the tenth of Muharram holiday, noting that al-Abadi told the Kurds that they have candidates for the post of Minister of Finance.

Jafar said in a statement on Friday, said the "call block proposed to the Prime Minister to present candidates for the reshuffle in a single package to parliament for Tmrerhm vote, in order to avoid repetition of objections and not to pass any of the candidates, has Abadi responded to that." According to Iraqi National News Agency

He added Jaafar, said that "to postpone the submission of candidates is not a deliberation by Abadi, but it was not possible to hold a hearing on Saturday."

He explained, saying that al-Abadi said he is ready to provide candidates and the Ministries of Defence and industry just to vote. " Adding that "Abadi resolving name the new candidate for the Ministry of Defense by reducing the number of candidates by the coalition forces, and also a promising alternative in the event of rejection of that candidate."

He noted that the "rename internal candidate who has not yet been resolved with Badr al-Abadi, because the block is not convinced nominate a candidate of the leaders of the Badr bloc to run the ministry."

On the post of Finance Minister Jafar he said, "The Kurds candidate Ministry of Finance to the Prime Minister did not Aslmo so far, but told us that they have two candidates are Rose Nuri Shaways Fadel prophet."

The House of Representatives to raise its meeting last Thursday, without specifying a date for the next meeting, but it was allocated on Saturday for the work of the committee meetings.

Abadi did not submit candidates for the ministries of the five vacant last week, as originally planned, due to the rejection of some candidates of the political blocs and the conviction that the efficiency of others ministries candidates her administration, came postponement to disrupt the complete cabinet reshuffle to the middle of this month the post, to stop the parliament sessions for ten days because of revival of the death of Imam Hussein



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