Secretariat: The government succeeded lining of international support for the stability of the liberated areas

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Secretariat: The government succeeded lining of international support for the stability of the liberated areas

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BAGHDAD / Alaa al-Taie
The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers the government's success in rallying international support at the Copenhagen conference to support Iraq in the relief of displaced persons and restore stability to the liberated areas file, while through representatives review their support for Iraq in its war against gangs «Daesh» of terrorism and its readiness to support all areas states.

The head of the operating room and general manager of the citizens in the affairs of the General Secretariat of Mohammed Taher al-Tamimi in an interview for »Sabah»: The General Secretariat and the efforts of the secretary d. Mahdi Keywords and his entourage were her active participation in the international support group meeting for stability in liberated areas, which was held a week ago in support of Iraq in My displaced persons and reconstruction, cross the stage and go to restore stability in the liberated areas after rehabilitation.

Tamimi said that the meeting discussed the support and relief and sheltering the displaced and the next stage of the return of stability to those areas efforts, pointing to the correlation of these two phases and link Hsmanma two things are important first is access to information from the top and it's the other work in state institutions, environment and here comes the role of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers given the proximity to the source of the decision and guidance.

Tamimi pointed out that in conjunction with the breadth and pace of the military to liberate the city of Mosul operations forces and offered to cleanse the villages was launched in early preparations to face the displacement expected to families and civilians fleeing from the oppression of Daesh criminal gangs campaign, noting that the displaced people stood at their numbers until the moment of nearly 50,000 displaced people, a figure much lower than expectations and warnings of international organizations and teams operating in Iraq before the start of editing operations.

Tamimi pointed to the success of the plans developed by the General Command of the Armed Forces to reduce the exodus by inviting residents to stay in their homes in order to preserve their lives and property as well as professional and careful handling of the security leaders in building bridges of trust with the citizens and their support in driving herds Daesh.

He said al-Tamimi said government institutions working in the field of assistance and relief and humanitarian support all stepped up its efforts with the launch of edit areas and villages of Mosul operations in conjunction with the progress of the security forces accompanied by high coordination and cooperation and welcome from the locals, including the shares to a large extent in the liberation of regions and achieve victories and continues to humanitarian relief efforts.

He noted that the processes that take place with the participation and assign the popular crowd and the crowd of tribal and Peshmerga forces as well as security forces, it is only the image reflects the cohesion of the Iraqis and the unity of their position that thwarted and dropped all attempts to «Daesh» to distort and to intimidate residents of our heroine, noting that the government and the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers put a plan to remedy the wave of displacement in coordination with the ministries (transport, oil, construction and housing, and displacement and migration, Health) operating within one team to create both relief and shelter to civilians kits, while the face of the secretary-general of the Council of Minister Mahdi Keywords constantly holding meetings and coordination meetings with the representative offices of government agencies and institutions concerned to carry out instructions to take immediate action and prepare to provide assistance and relief to support the displaced file.

Tamimi said the Copenhagen conference dispelled fears revealed by some quarters on international support and size as the representatives of the participating countries expressed their support for Iraq in its war against «Daesh» terrorist and their willingness to support it in all areas and to increase support in the light of the development achievements of the editing process, particularly the city of Mosul.


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