Mnt Goat News Brief Update for Saturday Dec. 17th

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Mnt Goat News Brief Update for Saturday Dec. 17th

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Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today. I do not want to put a date on the event of the RV. But I am leaning more and more towards Iraq not taking any action on the “project to delete the zeros” and waiting until the new president Trump is sworn into office. This is still within the timeframe of “EARLY 2017”. Why do I say this?

Okay so for all you so called “intel gurus” I will explain so don’t ever accuse me of not justifying my statements.

I will say I do not have any hard evidence and this and this is just my opinion. I feel this way because I firmly believe that what I have already seen from this current administration (with all the corruption involved in the USA government in allowing early exchanges of the Iraqi dinar to ONLY the elite politicians and family members), that it is these kind of mistakes in foreign policy by the USA that have held Iraq back in the past

And will continue as long as they are in power.

But this all changes on January 20th, 2017. I am NOT predicting an RV on Jan 20th? Absolutely NOT!. But I am saying is not to expect the launching of the lower denominations anytime soon at least before this period. Then we have to wait and see just how the Trump administration will change the policy with Iraq. Personally I think there will be some huge changes as the dust settles from the transition.

Did I just say the current Obama administration has been holding back the rollout of the Iraqi dinar to international levels? Yes and No, since it is not easy to make such statements without looking at all the FACTS.

So on one hand YES because they indirectly have had the ability to influence what happened in Iraq and did nothing to prevent the economic disaster.

With the pullout of the US armed forces in Dec 2011 and the “declared” sovereignty in June of 2013, the current US administration washed their hands of Iraqi affairs. Now they could justify putting blame on Iraq and not have to take responsibility anymore.

However with continued support of the corrupt prime minister Nori al-Maliki administration, one must ask what was really going on. Is this not direct influence anyhow? I know for a fact that the intelligence from Iraq was pouring in to the Whitehouse. ISIS was allowed to infiltrate and Maliki was allowed to hold back much needed legislation. The sectarianism continued and real change did not begin to happen until Maliki was out of office.

So we can see that directly, without Iraq being economically ready, there was a continuance to postpone the “project to delete the zeros” in 2013 then again in 2015 and this all made real sense on the surface. But if you really look at the all the FACTS you can see the reasons for the postponements are intentional due to the situation in Iraq. But who is causing these situations? You have to keep asking what come first – the chicken or the egg…lol…lol…

But many will claim that is was also the economic conditions due to the drop in oil prices that was also the source of the problems. Really? Do you really believe this? Did you ever hear of saving for a rainy day? Thank God that Dr Shabibi did build up the reserves as he did to nearly 90 billion US dollars. But this too is not enough.

Yes this too had some justification but if you have been reading all the articles, then you too can see that billions and billions of oil revenues (when oil was over $100/barrel) was stolen, waisted or left the country (some gone to Iran to support the buildup of ISIS).

This money could have rebuilt the country of Iraq three times over. It could have been spent to built up and reinforce their military infrastructure, re-establish electricity, running water, build homes, shopping centers and hospitals. But instead what does Iraq have to show for these “golden” years of robust oil revenues?

There was absolutely no need to experience what Iraq has gone through over these last 8 years of the Maliki administration.

But why did this all occur this way?

Was it due to the leadership both in Iraq and the USA? Do you get the connection now? You can’t disconnect the two since there lays a sense of responsibility when you invade, conquer and then occupy a country, as the USA did do.

So please don’t buy into the rhetoric and all the nonsense that the USA government is innocent of what has recently happened in Iraq just because in 2013 they became a “sovereign nation” (which in itself is not even true). The USA is as much to blame as Iraq itself. When the president elect for USA states that “the US govt created ISIS” this is exactly what he means. Do you get it now?

Oh – but they will claim Iraq is a sovereign country and they had complete control over their own destiny. Really? Then where is their currency if they are so sovereign? Why is their economy still under a “closed sanctioned economy” from the rest of the global markets? Seems Iraq is sovereign only when the USA does not want to take responsibility for what is going on inside Iraq.

So knowing all this, this brings us right back to the my main question – Why has the USA current administration allowed the elitist of the govt to exchange Iraq dinar already when Iraq itself has not experienced the benefits of its own currency?

What else is in the news……?

So the news of today coming out of Iraq is mostly about the future happenings to complete the Abadi government to finally seat the needed last remaining ministers (as replacements for those accused of corruption) and to vote on the remaining needed laws.

We know the 2017 budget has been voted on and passed. It now resides with the president and awaits ratification and placement into the gazette. Some are saying this could happen on Sunday but I say they are liars and do not know. There is absolutely no evidence of this date.

Recently we are told parliament will come back in session on Jan 7th and fully intends to address some 30 much needed laws. They told us these laws are all ready for a final vote. They told us that six (6) of these laws have a top high priority and they listed them in two separate articles. See articles below. Are these laws needed for an RV? I should not have to address this question anymore. I will leave it to you to decide for yourself. Sorry! I am making you use your brain today….lol…lol…..

Also we see yet another article pop out on the ongoing saga of the US dollar exchange rate versus the rate of the dinar. Folks- you must be aware when reading these articles on this topic that they are talking about the currency in the “closed” economy and not the future international rate. As long as they stay in the currency auctions and a closed economy they will continue to muddle with this issue.

You see the oil revenues come to Iraq in the form of the US dollars, these dollars go into the CBI reserves. The reserves are then used to exchange dinar for US dollars to pay foreign remittances (import payments of goods and services). This is called the currency auctions.

The theory (or process) is that these remittances should not exceed the total oil revenues and the dinar should just cycle through Iraq to run their economy. But operating in this mode forever will get the country of Iraq nothing in a downturn of oil prices. Even in the long run they will never advance to a sustainable economy much like the west. They had their opportunity and some say the increase in oil prices was intentionally orchestrated so that Iraq could take advantage of the opportunity and rebuild its country. Who knows?

Instead with the falsified documents in the currency auctions many have taken advantage of these auctions and were (are still) able to create an imbalance of these foreign payments. So more US dollars are being withdrawn from the CBI (thus the country of Iraq) and this creates a draw-down of their reserves. Essentially more imports (goods and services) than exports (oil). Also with all the other corruption, billions and billions of dollars have been allocated towards projects for the ministries that have never materialized. So where too did all these dollars go? Yes- it was simply a FREE for all during the 8 years of the Maliki administration. Now Iraq is paying the price.

At some point this has to come to an end soon or the CBI reserves will not be able to meet the needs of the country. You can not run on a deficit year after year with limited reserves to meet the imbalance. We already see the borrowing and loan payments. Think? Was all this manipulation during the Maliki administration simply setting up this very wealthy nation for later economic “blackmail”. Did you read the book The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: by John Perkins ?

I am not trying to stir the pot folks but one really has to wonder what is going on since the USA support of the Nori al-Maliki administration from 2006-2014. Where they setting Iraq up for later disaster?

Also in today’s news there is a juicy article on the new Iraqi currency. The article is an opinion piece by an Iraqi economists. It is very interesting and once again we see the need to get out of the “closed” economy and to go international with an significant increase in the rate of their currency. To do this they will need a new currency. New currency? Yes – the new currency we know that Iraq has contracted to print. This new currency is ready and is of lower denominations much like the Euro. They also have new coins. But there must first be a change in value in order to launch and use this currency. This change in value is associated with the “project to delete the zeros”.

Lastly I bring you an update on the news of the battles for Mosul. Seems they are ready to release Mosul and complete the effort, but there are still doubts of the aftermath for the region.

Articles Begin

Abadi setting a date for the resolution of the candidates of the vacant ministries

BAGHDAD - The Journal News

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi pledged to provide the names of candidates to fill the vacant ministries in his government at the start of the next legislative term in the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

The MP said the coalition of state law ratified frankincense, Wednesday, that, the last meeting of the National Alliance discussed the issue of naming the security and finance ministries and the nomination of personalities that enjoy professional on the grounds that the country is going through a security crisis and economic alike.

And the frankincense that al-Abadi told the political blocs that have not settled their candidates during this period, the study of names once and for all in order and present it as a down payment and one to the House of Representatives.

KRG between the budget bill and direct sales of oil revenues

Roudao - Erbil

Kurdistan Regional Government confirmed that the ratio of the budget deficit will reach at least 380 billion dinars, in the event of implementation of the federal budget for the 2017 law.

The issue of the Kurdistan Region are currently about 700 thousand barrels per day, and assuming that the sale price of each barrel is $ 45, the oil revenues will amount to 12 trillion dinars annually (ie 983 billion dinars per month), while local revenues amounting to 100 billion dinars.

But according to the budget law, the Kurdistan Regional revenues will amount to 6 trillion dinars annually (ie 500 billion dinars a month).

The Kurdistan Regional Government expenses (according to an official statement) during Trliuna one month and 352 billion dinars, as follows:

- Monthly dues to employees and expenses amounting to 880 billion dinars.

- The payment of financial dues to oil companies spending up to 120 billion dinars.

- Expenses and loan repayments amounting to 130 billion dinars.

- Operating expenses, including petro dollars to Kirkuk funds and up to 180 billion dinars.

According to the Government of the Territory that in the event of continuing the sale of oil in the current format, the total monthly on the basis of $ 42 per barrel of oil revenues as well as other revenue amounting Trliuna and 20 billion dinars, more than 390 billion dinars from what is contained in the 2017 budget.

Central Bank of Iraq issued a statement on the US dollar exchange rate

lsumaria News / Baghdad

issued the Iraqi Central Bank , on Thursday, a statement on the US dollar exchange rate.

The statement, received Alsumaria News, a copy of it, that " the central bank does not intend to change the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar."

He denied the central bank, in its statement, " the imposition of fees or taxes on the sale price of the dollar , " pointing out that " the rise in oil prices will enable the Bank to inject greater than the dollar amounts to the market."

Local markets and see sometimes up gradually to the dollar exchange rate, as a result of what the speculators of fabricating some rumors about the exchange rate in order to get some of the benefits of profitability as a result of this climb.

And established an independent Iraqi Central Bank as a bank under a law issued on the sixth of March 2004, as an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies are being daily sessions for buying and selling currencies

New Dinar version .. will enhance cash to our system


Dr. Mohammed Riad Hamza (Remember this an economist and his opinion, this is NOT a policy statement from the CBI. But it is interesting and very informative. This article is also important because it is telling us that it is already COMMON knowledge in Iraq that the lower denominations are coming out soon)

The reality of the dinar 's trading current segments of confusing and obstructive economic, commercial and service all of the activities, for the Iraqi market , the level of the reality of the dinar in the evaluation of commercial exchanges, inter and single, is far from accurate price, as well as in the evaluation of real estate , buying and selling and lease, and facilities banking, trading and any resident currency, any deal large amounts of both ends need to fill categories of dinar bags for exchange between the seller and the buyer.

And you can see scenes of people carrying bags of dinar entrants to the banks or exchange houses or coming out of it. (these are bags of cash dinars to exchange for US dollars to pay foreign remittances, not RV exchangers going to the bank,,,lol,,lol, so all you so called intel gurus – sorry!!!! you can not use this statement to hype people up that the RV has happened and people are exchanging in Iraq…)

It is certain that the reality of the Iraqi dinar and the low value segments purchasing a catalyst for the crimes of counterfeiting, states that equal their exchange rate with the Iraqi currency plagued by rigging the currency and counterfeit currency have devastating effects on the economy , among the components of the total of any state.

To dinars Iraqi using three zero currency of large face denomination has played an important role in the rise in goods and services and rising inflation rates, since the transactions in the wholesale exclude small - value segments of the dinar, in addition a few thousand dinars to deal consumer goods or long - lived, and circulation of marketing to another port and into the hands of the consumer, the price of the commodity ballooning number of marketing outlets.

The reason is the low purchasing power of the dinar small groups that are excluded when evaluating the price of any commodity.

On 27 August 2015 published (unit of economic studies links for research and strategic studies center) in its website an important article included reference tothat the Iraqi government may resort to the liberalization of the dinar any (floated) something that will not solve the financial problem in the country, but will have disastrous effects on the Iraqi people first and foremost. (author is against putting the dinar on a float but this float is not for the international currency and he is still talking about the dinar in the closed “sanctioned” economy of Iraq.)

On the other hand, the flotation is the port for speculators in the market to carry out money laundering and manipulation of the currency auction within the central bank.

Currency float means leaving the exchange rate of a currency float rises and falls reverse proportion to the cases of demand and supply in the market.

And taking into account the level of emancipation of the national economy, and the quality of his performance, and flexibility of its production apparatus.

It is the risk of this operation is that it opens the door to money laundering and corrupt diversion of funds from the Iraqi dinar to the free exchange for smuggling operations abroad.

The survival of the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar is weak at home and are not supported in the outside with rampant financial corruption contributes to convert the dinar into other currencies smuggled out what causes inflation rise, as to keep large amounts of the dinar in the Iraqi market means inflation liquidity, which makes it easier out more of foreign currency from the country.

The solution is not to delete zeros or dinar floated, but substituting new Iraqi dinars and linking its exchange rate to the US dollar. The issuance of any new Iraqi dinars equivalent to the dollar in the exchange rate. (he contradicts himself (so as it reads) in this article because he then states to issue the new dinars of lower denominations as part of the solution but the project to delete the zeros is part of it. But this statement against the project to delete the zeros may just be an Arabic to English translation issue and he may in fact be in favor of the project after all)

It consists of one hundred per dinar fils and groups: one dinar, five dinars and ten dinars, and twenty dinars, and fifty dinars, and one hundred dinars. Minting coins from fils and five fils, ten fils fils twenty, and fifty fils, and one hundred fils. (so he is telling us what these new lower denominations are but he missed the 200 dinar note, so he is not that accurate and we have to doubt other opinions too when they are not accurate. He could have gone right to the CBI site and got the list for himself to be accurate but he didn’t)

And ensuring the stability of the monetary system and eliminate the flaw in the current system , which allowed rampant corruption.

As has been the abolition of the currency of the former regime after 2003 and replacing rolling dinar now, it can be done through the abolition of the current period of time and bring new dinar.

It is important that the Iraqi Central Bank assisted by experts from the Federal Reserve and the CBI in the Iraqi monetary system , the development of the currency enjoys the trust of high exchange locally and internationally.

Central banks play a major role in financial instruments control in all countries of the world, the most important tool in the hands of the Central Bank is the monetary policy, it is through an increase in liquidity can stimulate the economy out of the state of economic crisis, or to help the economy grow by encouraging exports, reducing inflation. (we have seen in the recent published news on the SBA (5 year Stand By Agreement) from the IMF that one of the major goals for Iraq is to move to the private sector. Why so important? 1) to get people off the government payroll to private payrolls, 2) allows for a source of revenue generation on taxiing their private sector invomes, 3) allows the GOI to divert this salary revenues to reconstruction efforts, 4) decrease future payments of govt pensions. They can not do this w/o economic reforms and economic reforms can not take hold until they implement fully the needed monetary reforms namely replacing the 3 zero notes and moving to an international/global financial system/currency)

The currency of the Iraqi dinar in US dollars fasten it means installing currency dinar price of a fixed exchange rate and a lot of countries in the world this practice is based, there are 17 countries in the world have linked its currency to the US dollar,including six Arab countries , namely Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar. (can they stay linked or pegged to the US dollar even after they move to international exchanges? This paragraph is telling YES they can. But they CBI has told us in the long term they fully intend to move to pegging to the SDR basket. Its just a matter of timing as to when they do it. My guess is probably when their currency rate is high enough, the country is stable and the private sector and economy has taken off then to warrant it. This may take years)

And connecting the Iraqi dinar to the dollar has several advantages the most important of the ease of exchange rate policy management between the currency of the country and the rest of the world currencies all, where monetary authorities determine the rate specified for the disbursement of the peg through which is determined by the relationship of the dinar to the rest of the currency, it goes up for these currencies with the rising dollar and fall with the decline.

On the other hand, the dollar peg helps relatively to protect the national economy from inflation as well as help link in the case of oil -producing countries to stabilize their revenues in local currency when the devaluation of the dollar, the stability of oil prices, the decline in the global value of the dollar does not lead to a decline in oil revenues for Iraq. (this last statement is VERY important! Please remember this!)

It will be issuing new Iraqi dinars a way to expose corruption as it requires the replacement of currency in circulation is the new currency.

At that expose those who shelve billions of current Iraqi dinar and act within the framework of the weak monetary system and politicized the farthest thing from transparency. It can also be placed CBI commercial banks before the deal could expose any abuses of money laundering and the smuggling of hard currency abroad.

The main reason behind the dollar peg is to maintain stability and increase the confidence to deal with, and maintain a fixed exchange rate of the dinar will eliminate the so - called parallel market vowels (black market). This reinforces the confidence of investors monetary system and its stability and preserve the purchasing power of consumers with incomes limited.

Disclosure of preliminary approvals for the enactment of the oil and gas law in the next legislative term

(Are you ready? Here comes HCL! I mean the actual legal law and not just an agreement on paper. Remember I keep telling you HCL is NOT done and so we will shortly see the finally of this saga)

Baghdad} Euphrates News revealed to the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary proof Mamouri for preliminary approvals for the enactment of the oil and gas law during the next legislative term of the Council of Representatives. (looks like they lobbied and got everyone onboard)

He said Mamouri told {Euphrates News} today, "There are many important laws in the next legislative term, have taken preliminary approval for the enactment of the oil and gas law, it is important laws." (This is a WOW! Moment)

"We have a legal Economic Commission chambers of commerce, trade agencies, two important laws that support the economy." (so who said HCL does not matter? Are you crazy? Look at the emphasis on the law about to go before parliament. Did I mention that right now 90% of the economy is based on the sale of oil. So does the PTB want a legal HCL before any RV? Think?)

The member of the Committee of Economy in Parliament that "the Chambers of Commerce Act supports the economy and the private sector, who can not support, the state will be unable to and do not have the ability to set up and implementation of projects, so the law supporting the private sector and investment directly, as the organization of chambers of commerce laws contribute in organizing the work of chambers of commerce as responsible for regulating the private sector. "

He continued, "The Commercial Agencies Law, will issue go half-agent money to a secondary company for the purpose of obtaining agency company {mother}, where the Iraqi agent can not go to the parent company to take the agency directly, therefore, this law would give the agency business to the Iraqis from the company mother and not from secondary businesses. "

The Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, said on the fifth of September, it was waiting for approval of oil and gas law, from the government for the purpose of the legislation in the House. (since early September and already over 3 months late…so typical of Iraq. But why? There is always a strategy involved)

Committee Chairman Erez Abdullah, for {Euphrates News}, the latest version of the draft law "drawn by the government to redraft and consider it, but until now did not get us a new project or the old," noting that "we are waiting for a new project or remodeling project {old } to parliament in order to proceed. "

The Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri said in an ambassadorial fifth conference organized by the Foreign Ministry in Baghdad said a package of important Ahariat will be working on the approval during the next parliamentary democracy march in support of Iraq.

It is said that, there are several laws may disrupt approval in parliament since the previous sessions, the most important legal, oil and gas and other Federal Court, after differences between the blocks revolve. ( so it appears they are talking three very important laws in this article: 1) HCL; 2) "The Commercial Agencies Law; 3) Federal Court law. Could it get any better than this? Again we have been waiting for a couple years now for these three laws)

30 Laws on Contagious Table For Parliament Vote

BAGHDAD - The Journal News

Announced the decision of the House of Representatives Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu, on Saturday, there are more than 30 laws, intended to vote in the new legislative term sessions.

Ihsanoglu said in a statement, said the laws ready to vote distributed among all the relevant parliamentary committees and the Presidency, not only with the Parliamentary Legal Committee.

He added that there are more than 30 laws completed the first and second readings, and is fully ready to vote in the next legislative term sessions.

He said Davutoglu that the new legislative term of the hearings will put the task of a basket of legislation on the agenda of the vote, respectively, according to priority, noting that the election of the Federal Court and the Council of Civil Service and Health Insurance and the Accountability and Justice law, in the forefront of those stomach legislation to a vote at the resumption of the parliamentary hearings on the seventh of the month next. ( that’s 7th of January 2017) (so in this article we picked up a few more laws that we now know are on the top of the list of their priorities. So we know 6 of the laws. We all know we have been waiting for these laws too for a very long time)

The House of Representatives and the legislative term ended earlier this month after the hearings majority vote on the terms of the federal budget law.

Abadi: There is some criticism incorrect attempts to block the release of Mosul

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that “there are some of the criticism is valid, but are trying to block the release of Mosul, adding that” the ongoing military operations in Mosul, according to the plans and the delay comes to avoid the fall of civilians. ”

Abadi said in a speech during the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the Islamic Dawa Party , said “community reconciliation will be launched after the liberation of Mosul, where a large sheen , ” noting that ” the launch of this reconciliation because Daesh tried to be signed between the sons of the same country and the one tribe.”

He added, “It is the human right to believe what he wants and have no right to impose our opinion on others . ” Noting that “abhorrent sectarianism brought us to negative results.”

He pointed out that “we have to maintain the authenticity and move away search for positions and we waive the privileges and this is part of closer to those sacrifices of the martyrs in the buried Saddam regime time.

And that” our heroine is currently inside Mosul and victory is near , “noting that” victory need to strengthening of everyone because the enemy is not normal, but an armed. intellectual and abnormal. ”

He continued,” the right of citizens to criticize and indicate the deviation in the battles , “noting that” there are some of the criticism is valid, but are trying to block the release of Mosul. ”

He went on, saying,” the Daesh uses all government buildings to carry out its goal despicable in the murder of citizens , “noting that” We have a big challenge after the victory over gangs Daesh terrorist militarily. ”

He continued,” the military operations continuing in Mosul , according to the plans and the delay comes to avoid the fall of the civilians , “.

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

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