Nonproliferation Parliament table Act (Details)

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Nonproliferation Parliament table Act (Details)

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East News -

He confirmed to the Security and Defense Committee in the House of Representatives member Majed al - Gharawi, on Wednesday that the non - proliferation of weapons will initiate the beginning of the new legislative term of the law, noting that the parliament will hold its first session on the tenth of this month.

He Ghraoui in a press statement, said that 'the Security and Defense Committee has the task of law in the new legislative term, including the Non - Proliferation of Weapons Law', pointing out that 'this law was supposed to be voted on before the vote on the federal budget law'.

He added that 'unlike happened about some of the legal wording of the law by some lawmakers and the Legal Committee, and we completed these differences', noting that 'the existence of other laws related to the security situation will be put into law in parliament security companies'.

Ghraoui pointed out, that the 'rest of the committees have hung in regards to health, agriculture and all the legislation that concern the lives of citizens would strengthen law and order in the next stage laws', stressing that' the House of Representatives held its first session after the legislative recess the end of the tenth day of the month '.

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