Baghdad is preparing to set up its first conference talk

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Baghdad is preparing to set up its first conference talk

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BAGHDAD / Shaima Rashid
Preparing Baghdad to hold the first talk-show conference it held on 14 and 15 of this month under the theme "Beyond the victory Options", which discussed a number of political, security and social issues and the presence of political and media and academic as well as the participation of eight Dol.oukal Executive Director of the Conference of Baghdad, Abbas Radhi al-Amiri said in an interview "morning": that "given the importance of Baghdad, in the region historically and geographically and desire in Iraq to be a platform for peace and dialogue, and conviction of security officials in the country that what is happening in Iraq is not for internal reasons only, but there are external reasons for this it is necessary that there be understandings and an overview with neighboring countries, and crystallized by this vision, the establishment of the Baghdad conference after two years of studies. "

Al-Ameri added that "Baghdad International conference will be a platform for an international dialogue on various issues determined by the times and the time so the conference will carry the title of" post-victory Options "For there to be a future vision for the country," noting that the conference will be attended by political elites, economic, social and security Kberh.wachar Ameri the conference will be attended by the six neighboring countries, as well as Egypt and Lebanon.


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