National Alliance discusses legislation important laws and anti - corruption

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National Alliance discusses legislation important laws and anti - corruption

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01/19/2017 (0:01 pm)

 Baghdad / long - Presse

[ltr] The political body of the National Alliance confirmed on Wednesday, raising the importance of the legislative performance and file anti-corruption legislation and important laws that you need the next phase.

He said the National Alliance, in a statement received (long-Presse) a copy of yesterday, said that "the political body of the National Alliance held its regular meeting in which it discussed the priorities of the proposed law in the current legislative term and arrange them in the next legislative term."

The statement added that "the meeting emphasized the importance of improving legislative performance and file anti-corruption legislation and important laws that you need the next phase with the imminent final victory over the terrorist Daesh in Mosul and face the security challenge after the liberation of the land from Conception terrorism."

The statement continued that "the committees of the National Alliance and the relevant files of the security services and the mass media and the Alliance were present at the meeting where the participants stressed the active participation in these committees and abide by the rules of procedure of the National Alliance."

In another context, the National Alliance, condemned the execution of three against Bahrainis, considering that the execution of the young opponents without having to provide them with a fair trial that would worsen the crisis in Bahrain.

The Alliance, in a statement received (range) a copy of it, he was "following with interest and with great concern the latest developments in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where the Bahraini authorities embarked on the execution of three young Bahrainis without having to offer them a fair trial." 

The statement pointed out that "the Iraqi National Alliance believes that these developments are not going in the right direction, and believes that restrictions on freedoms and the suppression of demonstrators and opposition politicians in a clear and systematic can not be the way intact to deal with social and political problems."

He said the coalition, according to the statement, that "such action will not bring calm to Bahrain but would worsen the crisis and working to destabilize the stability and civil peace in this country," calling the wise people who are keen on the stability of Bahrain, whether from the government or the opposition for "Arbitration and evoke the interest of the country in a difficult circumstance that pass by Bahrain and throughout the region.

" Bahrain has executed three opponents, on Sunday, under the pretext of having caused a riot that left a number of security forces were killed or wounded.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry denounced the execution of young Bahrainis as a result of their participation in the popular movement claims legitimate rights.

He also described Nuri al-Maliki, Iraqi Vice-President, the execution as "a heinous crime," saying it puts the Bahraini government in the position of indictment by the international community for the systematic murder of its opponents.

In response to these situations, the Bahrain News Agency, said that the Foreign Ministry summoned Iraq's ambassador to Bahrain in Manama to protest against the remarks made by Iraqi officials denounced the execution of three Bahraini nationals.

Bahrain says that the executions took place after a lengthy judicial process that resulted in the conviction of the Hearing Abbas (27 years) and Sami Mushaima, 42, and Ali Singace (21 years). The attack resulted in the killing of a police officer and two policemen Emirati Bahrainis.التحالف-الوطني-يناقش-تشريع-القوانين-المه


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