State Advisory: Supreme Judicial Council approved an amendment to its laws projects

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State Advisory: Supreme Judicial Council approved an amendment to its laws projects

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} State Consultative Council explained to the Ministry of Justice, said that all the amendments made by the Judicial Council of draft laws has formal hearings and consent of the representative of the Supreme Judicial Council.

According to a ministry statement, the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, that "received Cabinet Send laws {Supreme Judicial Council and the prosecution projects, public administration and the judiciary, and judicial organization}, to check them for the fact that the Council of State is a reference state in the formulation legislation, in accordance with Article 5 of the State Consultative Council Law No. 65 of 1979, which authorized him project scrutiny in terms of form and substance expires, and assume for the sake of the project study and usually drafted when necessary and to propose alternatives that it deems necessary and an opinion and submit it with recommendations to the Council of Ministers and send a copy of the project and recommendations to the relevant authorities. "

He added, "Based Al, the Board checked the bills aforesaid three phases of the project, the decision and the Authority specialized public and the body was in the presence of a representative of the Supreme Judicial Council at all stages and has to reformulate some of the texts and presented to the representative of the Supreme Judicial Council were texts that have been agreed upon exclusively to adopt, and this It is the work of the Board with all those who are audited projects which can not be amended in the drafting of the text, or add them without the knowledge and consent of that the way ".

The statement pointed out that "the representative of the Council asked the Council of State after the end of auditing every project to provide him with the final version before being sent to the Council of Ministers," he said. "According to that has been supplied to those copies, and after approval of the final version was sent to the Council of Ministers."

He said the "provisions contained in the law of judicial oversight and that the Federal Court ruled unconstitutional A'eat they are not included in the audited version originally approved by the State Council has nothing to do with the Council."

He pointed out that "the State Council Reply This comes on the back of comments made by the official spokesman of the Supreme Judicial Council Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar to a local newspaper, in which he said that the judiciary had sent laws {Supreme Judicial Council projects, the public prosecutor, the General Administration of authority judicial, and judicial organization}, to the cabinet based on the provisions of Article {60 / I} of the Constitution and that the Council of Ministers sent a project to the Council of State, which {role is confined to blogging aspects {only}, but he returned to the cabinet after the disposal of about out section them from their goals and their causes positive ".anthy


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