Hakim: The draft national settlement ready and this condition was officially launched

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Hakim: The draft national settlement ready and this condition was officially launched

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:21 pm

According to a member of the leadership of the Islamic Supreme Council Mohsen Hakim, on Wednesday, the readiness of the draft "national reconciliation" put forward by the National Alliance recently, pointing out that it will offer officially after the liberation of the city of Mosul in case of a consensus on them.
Hakim said in an interview with the official Iranian news agency "IRNA", he was "in the framework of the National Alliance formed a special committee of all blocs and parties in the coalition of this committee and the codification of the draft (national reconciliation) is ready now."
"The draft is now under consideration and discussions which Thoudy UN support, but in the event was a consensus on them, after the liberation of Mosul and Daesh expelled permanently from Iraq, will go officially as a document (national reconciliation) in Iraq."
Hakim pointed out that "this draft consists of four pages develop practical solutions to get out of the political problems plaguing the country, and discuss and discuss with representatives of the various classes of the Iraqi people."
He added that "the coalition does not claim that these are free from shortage draft, but developed after dozens of hours of investigation and with the participation of specialists and experts and toast, and was put forward and writing, and the United Nations ensured that it will support this document," stressing that "the goal of this bill is to preserve the unity of Iraq and the political independence of the Iraqi decision and the preservation and maintenance of the rights of all members of the Iraqi people. "



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