Frank26 and KTFA Members Thursday Night 2-23-17

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Frank26 and KTFA Members Thursday Night 2-23-17

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Frank26: First of all KTFA FAMILY .................... SOME of You asked if DELTA made a post.
Hmmm .............. Why would one ask this when one belongs to ............

The statement from DELTA was from November 2016............. Old. If one belongs to KTFA ............ One would know this.If one surfs the net for info ................. Caveat Emptor to You.

Now IF You want something from DELTA ................. He wants You to go to the Warka website .......... He is seeing something we have NEVER seen before............... Please enjoy.

Also ............. In two or three days WALKINGSTICK will bring You articles in Relationship to the Promotion of The IQD IN COUNTRY. This is due to some meetings .............. That have occurred. Please Enjoy !!!

Tomorrow's TEAM CHAT ............ Well ............ Just be there if You can

IMO ............. Each day is like a Scavenger Hunt of the IQD's RV.

Each day the Clues just get Bigger and Better !!!

God Bless You FAMILY .................. 72 is now 48......... \m/

MilitiaMan: “In two or three days Walkingstick will bring us articles in Relationship to the Promotion of the IQD IN COUNTRY!!:

Sorry if I am wrong, but, the only relationship I could see for promoting the IQD in country is with PURCHASING POWER to go with them.. Lower Denoms would have been the topic at the meetings said to have occured. That I can Enjoy!


Aggiedad77: Well the plot thickens.....and it just gets more gooderer and gooderer......interesting how this time frame seems to coincide with the liberation of Mosul as well......two for the price of one maybe.....I'm thinking maybe Abadi did some of this "promotion" work in Munich perhaps as well.....maybe those meetings all started there and culminated back home.....home is where the heart is....home sweet home. Aloha Randy


Shangdoodles: WARKA Bank Website: Services: Money Transfers:

"Warka Bank for Investment and Finance implements the S.W.I.F.T system that guarantees advanced, rapid, secure and accurate money transfers through the international banking network. Whether you’re sending money abroad or receiving money, Warka Bank for Investment and Finance ensures your money transfer is conducted successfully using its worldwide correspondent bank network."


Michelle: Warka Bank for Investment and Finance is the first bank in Iraq to offer electronic trading services. With the e-trading service, you can buy, sell, transfer and generate financial reports pertaining to your portfolio online.

With e-trading, you can manage your stocks in the Iraq stock market and other investments with the help of Warka Bank for Investment and Finance’s e-trading experts.


StephenMac63: Interesting, yesterday Russia reports of buying oil from Iran and today Iran is reporting of buying airplanes....sounds like a Deal.

Samson: Russia to Buy Iranian Crude Oil:

Samson: Iran Plans to Buy 12 Superjet-100


Aggiedad77: Here's some thoughts from the my Blue recliner....Frank is on the couch on the phone.....IMO....we won't leave Iraq because we did so once and won't make the same mistake twice.....(see article below)

And secondly......that announcement yesterday.....the 300 billion barrels of oil believed to be discovered as part of their vast pool of my strongest opinion....we the US will want to protect it at whatever cost.....not that we "own" with the many DEALS we've seen and heard about.....I can't help but believe that President Trump would leave that oil unprotected on the table for someone else to grab...

I may be off base....but if we put 7 bases in Iraq and staff them fully it's got to be for a bonafide reason.....DAASH is about to be rooted out of the what else is left....but the Iranian thieves....and their kingpin Maliki will be too busy in Hague answering questions to be an issue....all IMO. Aloha Randy

18:23 23/02/2017

Predicted commander of coalition forces in Iraq, Gen. Stephen Townsend, said Thursday that the Iraqi .government to allow his troops to stay on Iraqi territory after the liberation of Mosul

The newspaper "The Washington Times" of America, for Townsend as saying, "I do not expect to ask us the Iraqi government to leave immediately after the liberation of Mosul, and I think they are well aware that the complex ".battle and they need to help the coalition forces even after the battle of Mosul

The Iraqi forces have launched in October 201 617 military campaign and supported by a broad coalition for the .recovery of the city of Mosul, the last bastion of Daesh in Iraq Iraqi forces have so far managed to recover the eastern side of the city and launched on the eve of last Saturday .morning a new offensive aims to expel the organization from the west side of the city

The international coalition has been formed in 2014 after it invaded organize Daesh nearly one ­third of the area of Iraq and declare "the alleged successor" in Mosul, which includes nominally more than 60 countries, but Washington's key partners in the international coalition are from France, Australia, Britain, Italy and a few other .countries. And was a coalition of more than 10 thousand air strike against an al Daesh in Iraq and Syria goals, as well as training .thousands of Iraqi ground forces. And has more than 9 thousand element of the coalition in Iraq, more than half of them Americans, it has been .deployed for the purpose of providing assistance and advice, but sometimes are forced to practice combat role

The Prime Minister Haider al­Abadi, who accused members of his party by allowing foreign troop presence on the ground in Iraq, has insisted that the Iraqi forces "are the only ones who are fighting in Iraq," but said the time itself ." that external assistance "is vital, and the continued support of Iraqi forces is very important

In another context, the Pentagon said that a review of US strategy to defeat Daesh ­ ordered by President Trump .and lasted 30 days ­ is nearing completion, which is expected to deliver the draft to the White House early next week In an effort to keep his promise to launch a campaign to destroy the organization Daesh, Trump assigned to the Defense Ministry the task of reviewing the previous administration of President Barack Obama's strategy to meet the ".organization Daesh, which he said "has failed to achieve positive results in a timely manner.


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