House Of Representatives meeting today 3-13-2017

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House Of Representatives meeting today 3-13-2017

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:54 am

Parliament holds its preparing to vote on a resolution on dues peasants
   Monday, March 13, 2017 - 12:15

   Iraqi Council of Representatives

   House of Representatives held on Monday, its regular headed by Salim al-Jubouri, which will vote on a resolution on dues peasants, and discuss the issue of the displaced people of Nineveh in the presence of the concerned ministers and the Governor.

   A parliamentary source Tsraahat followed in tow that "the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said the Council session held No. (18) of the second legislative term," he said. "Quorum."

   "The agenda of the meeting included only two paragraphs, the first vote on a resolution concerning the dues of farmers," pointing out that "the second paragraph is the subject of debate in the presence of displaced people of Nineveh concerned and the governor of Nineveh province minister."

   The House of Representatives, the last raise its meeting held on Saturday, which was the highlight of the session witnessed the completion of the questioning of the prime CMC Safa al-Din spring absentia.


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Re: House Of Representatives meeting today 3-13-2017

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:47 am

Council meetings press releases Sticky

The House of Representatives to discuss the situation of displaced people of Nineveh province, in the presence of a number of ministers
March 13.2017

Hosted by the House of Representatives at its eighteenth regular, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, head of the Council and in the presence of 189 deputies on Monday, 13/03/2017 number of ladies and gentlemen ministers to discuss the situation of displaced people of Nineveh province and the voice of a parliamentary decision to pay dues peasants of the province of Kurdistan.

At the outset of the session MP Abbas al-Bayati, read out a statement on the occasion of the martyrdom of a number of Iraqi visitors in Damascus by the Regulatory Authority Sham terrorist, stressing the need for the Iraqi government to strike nests of terrorism at home and abroad, noting that the attack is not the first of its kind, but is a desperate attempt to influence the victories realized Iraqi forces in the defeat al Daesh in Nineveh province, calling for national cohesion and the rejection of discrimination and sow hatred between our people schemes.

The Council then read Al-Fatiha in memory of the souls of the martyrs of Iraq.

He gave MP Jamal al-Muhammadawi a statement marking the anniversary of the uprising of 17 March 1999 after the death of Mr. Mohammed Sadiq al-Sadr against the Baath bygone regime, recalling tens of martyrs who broke the barrier of fear of the tyranny and still their families so far straining Gore, the former regime decisions, demanding seeking to remove the injury caused by decisions former regime book belonging to the Mujahideen of the uprising in 1999, real estate or for their families and activating the work of the Special Central Committee of law No. 16 of 2010 and the formation of a parliamentary committee to achieve their demands in coordination with the concerned authorities to fulfill the demands.

Meanwhile, Mr. Speaker announced that obviate the need for the presence of Mr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Foreign Minister to today's meeting as scheduled to answer questions orally presented by MP Mohammad al-Karbouli and MP Serwa Abdul Wahid belonging to the US decision to ban travel to the Iraqis and employees covered by the issue and justice after the answer Mr. The minister and the abolition of the paragraph concerning the travel ban.

President al-Jubouri said the Council move to form investigative commissions on the Khor Abdullah channel issues and border crossings and controlled yellowish, calling for parliamentary committees to nominate names for presentation to a vote, stressing that keeping the date of the private interrogation electoral commission on 16.3 unchanged.

Then the Council voted on a parliamentary resolution that compels the federal government to complete sums dues peasants in the Kurdistan region for 2016 and disbursed as soon as similar to Pflahi other provinces and the federal government to speed up regardless dues of farmers for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 and all the provinces during the period of 30 days.

Council hosted the ministers of trade, health, electricity and Displacement and Migration and the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and the governor of Nineveh province to discuss the issue of the displaced people of Nineveh province.

President al-Jubouri and welcomed the presence of the concerned ministers to the meeting held Aware of the importance of the Council is monitoring the situation in Nineveh.

At the outset of hosting Mr. Jassim Mohammed Immigration Minister announced Displacement and for the preparation of plans from several directions to help the displaced people of Nineveh province and the distribution of tasks by signing joint memoranda as well as the formation of teams to monitor the evacuation in cooperation with federal and local authorities and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

And between the Minister of Immigration to build 59,000 units sheltering now ready home to thousands of displaced people in several axes, adding that the ministry is determined to expand the construction of shelters for the displaced, noting that there is a big difference between the displacement of left and right side, where the rate of displacement in the left was about two thousand people displaced and right at a rate of 8-10 thousands of displaced people, stressing that the ministry has made a huge relief goods aid for displaced people, but there is great suffering of the ministry contribute to addressing them with the government agencies concerned.

He said that to speed up the return of displaced families to their areas contribute significantly to ending the crisis, especially since more than half of families have been liberated areas.

For her part, Ms. Adila Hammoud and Health Minister to indicated that the ministry has made great medical aid for the displaced and cooperation with health departments in the province of Kurdistan and a number of international organizations to provide health support to the displaced, pointing to the creation of the ministry to deploy mobile hospitals and medical teams and provide preventive and curative services and rehabilitation of health institutions and work on providing financial budget institutions.

Ms. Hammoud said that the ministry has measures to curb chronic diseases and epidemics among the displaced and the delivery of vaccines to the health centers in the camps and rehabilitation of health institutions in the left side of the liberated areas and other processed by ambulances and mobile hospitals provided by international organizations.

For his part, Mr. Qassim Fahdawi electricity minister pointed to the rescue of Nineveh gas station and rehabilitated after the editing process, pointing to the existence of a problem in the power stations equipped with fuel, calling for the rehabilitation of the gas pipeline from Kirkuk to Mosul to fill the need of fuel and gas.

Mr. Fahdawi and demanded that the government release of operational Alt_khasasaat the Ministry of Electricity to invest in maintenance operations, calling on the House of Representatives to exclude the Ministry of Electricity to prevent contracting with investors, he underlined the continuation of work in the rehabilitation of the transport stations in Mosul.

In turn, between Mr. Salman Jumaili, Minister of Trade and agency that the ministry was keen to deliver the food to the liberated areas in the province of Nineveh, by truck and distributed to citizens in the camps for displaced people, although there are some obstacles, noting that the financial Alt_khasasaat do not meet the ministry needed to meet the necessary requirements.

For his part, Mr. Mahdi Keywords Secretary General of the Council of Ministers stressed that the work of the Council of Ministers focused on the provision of humanitarian needs for operations edit Nineveh by forming cell crisis management shared between the concerned authorities in the central government and Kurdish for the implementation of Cabinet decisions, including the increase auditors security and doubling the number of buses that transport displaced people and provide food trucks to the right side in the editor section to prevent displacement, noting that the number of camps in the quartering areas enough to receive and relief to the displaced.

But Mr. Nofal Hammadi governor of Nineveh student to take a decision as Nineveh province, a disaster due to the tragic situation of displaced people in the camps and the presence of a shortage of medical equipment significant medical needs, urging the payment of a sum of money to support the displaced people in the camps and to address the shortfall in the transfer of the displaced vehicles, calling for staff salaries and compensation affected and re-laid-off police officers and support channel conductivity for its role in the transfer of the truth and keep up with edits in addition to the follow-up to the problems of religious minorities.
Mr. Deputy Minister of Interior Muwaffaq Abdul Hadi that said the ministry embarked on the tasks entrusted to them to check the security for the displaced in the nearby province of Nineveh areas, explaining the presence of some 15,000 accused as well as the presence of some 70,000 Per crimes in both provinces.

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives MP Raad Aldhlki he urged the importance of paying the subject of displaced persons of great significance and provide exceptional solutions for them, calling the Ministry of Commerce to give displaced rations owed by the ministry two years ago, calling for the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to form administrative committee for field follow-up to put the displaced people in the province of Nineveh.

The MP stressed the need to triumph Jubouri considered the province of Nineveh province beset by what has happened in the destruction of a large, loaded with Cabinet responsibility for the implications on Takerttbaiq relief to the displaced Plan, required to provide food for the people of Mosul and rehabilitation hospitals in the city.

He Attorney Raed Isaac that local and international preparations not fit with the crisis of displacement of Nineveh province, a proposal for an international conference to help the displaced people with the importance of restoring forcibly displaced to their areas and the launch of their assets in banks and complete lifting of explosives and conduct environmental testing in the liberated areas.

The MP Abd al-Rahim al-Shammari on the importance of facilitating procedures for citizens of Nineveh in mobility between the provinces, in addition to entrust displacement camps to the concerned ministries and the need to manage users and dealers in the camps, as well as amnesty for members of the Nineveh province police.

And he wondered Rep. Nora Albjara about the reasons behind the lack of civil defense groups in the battles for liberation in order to evacuate and assist the citizens, and not to grant security clearances and facilities for employees and retirees in order to receive their salaries.

I am surprised MP Mohsen al-Sadoun of the government's delay in preparations for the displacement crisis from the right side, home to nearly a million people, warning of a humanitarian disaster as a result of destruction on the right coast.

In turn, MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, the need to consolidate efforts to address the challenges and problems and find realistic solutions and a private issue of salaries and re-displaced people and stability by the Council of Ministers.

He called MP Mohammed Naji to continue to emancipate the regions and cities of the terrorist gangs Daesh to mitigate the effects of displaced persons and eliminating sleeper cells of terrorists and the provision of services and infrastructure in the liberated areas.

And it urged the MP Vian Dakhil effort to activate the intelligence to know the fate of the abductees Alaesideat Daesh after the liberation of areas and work on a plan to contain the crisis, displaced by the Ministry of Displacement and Migration.

And demanded to know the MP high Nassif mechanism for arranging the security side and aspects related to the rehabilitation phase of Mosul after organizing Daesh stage.

He called MP Abdul Rahman Alloizi to abolish the principle of the sponsor being contrary to the Constitution which gives all citizens the freedom movement between provinces, adding some special local committees security checks have become to settle personal scores and extortion, suggesting the division of Nineveh province to the municipality sectors of the number of provinces in Iraq ensures each province rehabilitation and to provide the equivalent of the winning province.

For his part, praised the MP Ammar Tohme to the need for transfers of financial allocations for the province of Nineveh on the development of the regions that the province needs more financial allocations for the reconstruction, with the importance of acting regionally and internationally to provide aid for the displaced.

The MP Kanna that the Nineveh plain areas still lack the necessary infrastructure requirements and delayed rehabilitation and demining, noting the need to address the displaced by building bridges between the two sides of Mosul to house them.

I inquired MP Arshad al-Salihi on the fate and the situation of the displaced residents of the camp, the Sphinx and the efforts of the Department of Immigration moved them inside the Iraqi territories, calling for the formation of the Elders Council in the district of Tal Afar to face the problems and achieve societal conciliation after the liberation of the judiciary from the brutality of terrorism and gangs.

Farah noted MP OS to the need for the re-opening of the Supreme Judicial Council on the left coast, with the importance of tightening the investigative proceedings with defendants Daesh terrorist elements, and to facilitate the granting of security clearances for the citizens in Nineveh.

He suggested MP Salim connecting take a series of effective steps to help ease the crisis of displaced persons, including the participation of the Ministry of Culture and guide the media to focus on the transfer of the tragedy Alenzhan and encourage civil society organizations and put donation boxes for the displaced.

In response to the interventions, he said, ladies and gentlemen ministers and their ministries commitment to continue efforts to provide services and mobilize its departments and teams field to provide citizens and displaced requirements in the camps and other areas in Nineveh province, in addition to seeking to find possible Alibdlail to put forward proposals and observations by the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the issue of the displaced people Nineveh, as well as a workshop in the coming days to those related to the presence of retaining international organizations to put restore stability and construction in the liberated areas plans, demanding that the Ministry of Finance sprayed allocated for relief to the displaced amounts in order to enable ministries to fill essential needs, particularly in the rehabilitation of hospitals, schools and the provision of food .

For his part, accept Mr. Abbas Omran Musa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport Ministry's role in the transfer of IDPs from areas of displacement to the quartering areas.

For his part, Mr. Speaker called the Committee for the Displaced and deported parliamentary commissions on the other to collect all the suggestions and observations regarding the subject at hand and the number of formula recommendations to be voted on, expressing the thanks of the Council for the ladies and gentlemen ministers and deputy ministers to discuss the issue of displaced people of Nineveh province.

Then decide to adjourn the meeting until the day next Thursday, 16.3.2017.
The information department
Iraqi Council of Representatives


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