******** The defense minister: Da'ash is finished and he can no longer occupy one building

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******** The defense minister: Da'ash is finished and he can no longer occupy one building

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From 2017-03-21 at 20:15 (Baghdad time)

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Defense Minister Irfan al-Hayali said that Iraq had won its war against terrorism and stressed that the da'eef was over.

"The rest of the areas under the control of Daadish will be fully restored in the near future," the minister said in televised remarks from Washington during a visit to Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, adding that the organization "can no longer occupy a small building."

"Al-Hayyal said in statements to Al-Hurra and its correspondent (Mawazin News) that" the preacher ended in Mosul or in other areas that he occupied, "pointing out that the organization" remains its last breath, "but the Minister of Defense," warned of sleeping cells that will remain after the defeat "He said.

He praised the Iraqi forces, and said that her victories encouraged her to pursue a call from one place to another.

The cooperation of the people of Mosul with the joint Iraqi forces, which have been launched since 17 October last year, a military campaign supported by the US-led international coalition to restore the city from the control of Dahesh.

"The current US administration wants to be more involved in the fight against terrorism" than the previous administration, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said in a speech to the United States Institute of Peace.

He pointed out that increasing involvement in the fight against terrorism does not mean an increase in American forces operating in Iraq, because the American public opinion and "elsewhere" do not wish to.

He stressed that "this administration and this president are aware of the importance of Iraq and the role it plays in the region," and continued "gave us assurances that US support for Iraq will accelerate" to succeed in Iraq to achieve stability.



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