Abadi criticizes misleading media: The more we win, the more lies will begin to be fabricated

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Abadi criticizes misleading media: The more we win, the more lies will begin to be fabricated

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Baghdad - Mawazine News

The commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Haidar al-Abadi, on Saturday criticized the seditious media, which is stirred up by fabricating falsehoods whenever the security forces achieve victories, while stressing that the blood of the popular crowd, which fought alongside the joint forces and contributed to the liberation of the cities, is not allowed to prevail.

Abadi said in a speech during a meeting with the leaders of the popular crowd, seen by Mawazin News, that "the fatwa of Mr. Sistani turned the balance, where the speculation refers to the division of Iraq and the need for decades to eliminate the preacher," noting that "attempts to partition failed and we are more united since when".

"The victories of terrorist gangs that would not have happened without the sacrifices of the popular crowd with the rest of the armed forces," he said, adding that "the spirit of victory frightened the enemies and terrified them."

"We will not allow the blood of the martyrs and the heroes of the heroes who fight in the crowd to be squandered and some want to use this blood for other things," he said.

"When we achieve victories, his preaching is raised and he begins to fabricate lies," he said.

"The world, far and near, has made a qualitative leap not only in Iraq, but in the region, and we need to continue the effort to eradicate terrorism and we refuse to contain them," he said.

He stressed that "all weapons must be within the framework of the state and we will never allow any weapon that is outside the framework of the state," noting that "there are those who claim to belong to the crowd and harm him," explaining that "our talk with the US administration was clear that we have fighters without heroes without them Victory has not been achieved and we cherish their duty to care for their rights.

"The full victory is achieved by providing services and the reconstruction of liberated areas and other provinces that did not enter and urged and delayed the reconstruction because of the war."

He pointed out that "our forces are very keen on the security of citizens in the sense of the use of car bombs and the accumulation of weapons in the houses and we use with this case delicate weapons to ensure the lives of citizens," calling "citizens to help resolve in order to protect them and rid them of dizziness."



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