Jubouri stresses the importance of further community reconciliation

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Jubouri stresses the importance of further community reconciliation

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25/4/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabah
  Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim Jubouri stressed the need to proceed with the project of community reconciliation, calling on all parties to actively participate in the reconstruction of liberated areas.
This came during a meeting on Monday with elders and elders of the Mahamda clan in Anbar province.
The meeting reviewed a number of files related to the service reality of the province, and ways to raise the standard of living of the citizens. The meeting also discussed the security situation in the liberated areas of the control of the terrorist, and the efforts of Parliament in overcoming obstacles to the return of displaced families to
 Cities ".
"The importance of the tribes taking their real role in controlling security and restoring stability to their regions by renouncing the language of violence and working to give preference to the language of dialogue and defuse the page of the past," he said.
He pointed out that "a post-urging to impose on all parties, especially the tribes, to participate actively in the reconstruction of what was destroyed during the battles of liberation against
 Terrorism ".
"The parliament is keen to support the efforts of the clans and all those who want Iraq to have security by passing important laws," al-Jubouri stressed. "The necessity of proceeding with the project of community reconciliation, especially as the requirements of the current situation require everyone to promote a spirit of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, .



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