The Economic Council holds a meeting to discuss the problems of the private sector in the presence of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers

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The Economic Council holds a meeting to discuss the problems of the private sector in the presence of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers

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Since 2017-06-14 at 13:26 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad Mawazine News

The Board of Directors of the Iraqi Economic Council, held a session economic dialogue in the presence of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Alalak to discuss the problems facing the private sector and develop solutions to them.

A statement issued by the council said that "Tuesday evening at the Babylon Hotel, an extraordinary meeting was held on the hosting of Mahdi al-Alaq, the secretary-general of the Council of Ministers, in a special economic dialogue session." The meeting was attended by Ibrahim al-Masoudi al-Baghdadi, Mr. Saad Al-Fahmi, Board Member, Mr. Saeed Al-Faham, Board Member, Raafee Al-Rawi, Board Member, Baqer Al-Mashat, Board Member, Saadiq Al-Mashat, Member of the Economic Council, and Adel Al-Musawi. - Member of the Economic Council and Hussein Al-Khawam member of the Economic Council and Nour Al-Azzawi member of the Economic Council and Ali Mohsen Farhoud. Member of the Economic Council.

He added that "At the beginning of the meeting al-Baghdadi offered his thanks and appreciation to attend the relations and appreciation of the efforts exerted by him to support and communicate with the private sector, through workshops held in the interest of developing the national economy and support the private sector," noting that " Was pleased to attend this meeting, praising the victories achieved against terrorism, and pointed out his participation in important conferences of the European Union and the European Parliament in Brussels and delivered a speech at the conference praising the military victories taking into account the humanitarian aspect and restoring stability in the liberated areas that need two efforts, But ministries and other efforts by the countries of the International Coalition, and the efforts of ministries and government agencies, despite the difficult financial situation, has contributed to the return of displaced people to their areas in Anbar, Falluja and Salahuddin.

"Alaq pointed out that the reconstruction of the liberated areas is linked to strategic or major projects and that these efforts need a large budget, and we are working with the Kuwaiti side to organize a conference for the reconstruction of Iraq after the end of military operations against Dahesh and that there are a lot of major projects and strategy Which is dependent on the need to activate them, including the construction of railways and ports, the development of Baghdad airport and the introduction of central markets for investment. "

"The attendees put the suffering of the private sector. Mr. Baqir Al-Mashat called on the government to support the private industrial sector in increasing the activation and support of customs tariff, as the industrial now pays the same customs tariff paid by the importer and the taxes. The private banks' failure to implement the decisions and instructions issued by the Council of Ministers and the placement of the movable and immovable property of the borrowers to the borrowers despite the delay of the government to pay their dues. For his part, Rafa Al-Rawi, member of the Board of Directors, In addition, Raed Al-Rahmani has put forward a special proposal to encourage government employees to retire after giving them soft loans or interest-free loans for the purpose of encouraging projects. Small. Among his part, Saadi Wahib Chihod, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors that the Iraqi Trade Bank TBI did not provide sufficient support to finance the private sector, and its decisions to confiscate movable and non-transferable money to businessmen, harm the reputation of borrowers from the sector s".

He pointed out that "Hussein al-Khawam complained of the impromptu decisions to meet the duties on raw materials at the border crossing points, which burdens the industrialists who import the raw materials involved in production, and answered the questions to the questions and inquiries of the attendees and it was agreed that the Economic Council will be held later, TBI Bank hosts the general manager of the bank, and a number of cadres in it. "المجلس-الاقتصادي-يعقد-جلسة-لمناقشة-مشاكل-القطاع-الخاص-بحضور-أمين-عام-مجلس-الوزرا/اقتصادية


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