Accounting and Auditing

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Accounting and Auditing

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26/8/2017 12:00 am

Ahmed Sumaidaie
To push the monetary bloc, which represents the specialties of enterprises and institutions towards paths of benefit to the national economy, is an inevitable positive sign.

This requires an active role for the accountant and legal auditor to reduce any manipulation or waste of money. Here, it can be said that economic reform away from the effective role of financial management in all institutions is difficult.

And through continuous follow-up, we found that the financial imbalance that is committed and result in waste in the money comes to the lack of experience of those responsible for accounts and scrutiny, who are often not specialized in this matter, which is the most important axes of building the economy and development.

Audit of all operations undermines corrupt operations to low levels and even eliminates them from existence. This requires working to adopt a qualified accounting staff, and then work on building new accounting competencies in cooperation with the specialized agencies under the supervision of international expertise through the organization of training courses at a high level .

Financial management means a set of techniques designed to monitor the activities of institutions, but this term is often used in the sense of financial behavior.

There must be high coordination between the union and the various institutions to promote this important chapter, which creates a new environment for work and achievement, through which is attracting large international companies that contribute to the use of wealth to serve the community and preserve the rights of future generations.

 It is necessary for the accountant and the auditor to have adequate remuneration and remuneration commensurate with the role he plays in maintaining public and private funds. We must also work towards activating the bridges of cooperation with the international trade unions to learn about the mechanisms of international accounting work.

In conclusion, it is necessary to build accounting capabilities to a high degree of competence and have the ability to identify the manipulation of the exchange of money and this task is not impossible, but need to first recognize the importance of the accountant and then give him confidence to perform his work in a manner that achieves the highest economic feasibility in all Sectors, and in accordance with the size of the future work in Iraq is large and witness the movement of a huge cash mass; which requires that we raise the competencies accounting within Iraq.


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