Methodology of financial reform

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Methodology of financial reform

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31/8/2017 12:00 am

Thamer Hymes

We are encouraged by the serious and sincere proposals for the development of our economy that two well-known Iraqi women have demonstrated experience, loyalty and academic weight. They are developing successful visions to cope with the unusual conditions and published by Al-Sabah.

Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh proposals can be implemented through his vision of the potential and the circumstances surrounding; it puts its touches on the financial reform of the years (2018 2020) in the light of financial conditions and ways to address and the strengthening of non-oil resources.

Professor Adnan al-Janabi, one of the engineers and founders of the National Oil Company and the veteran parliamentarian, turned the equation to distribute the oil resources to the people under Article 111 of the Constitution by adopting a tax system for the state to carry out its duties.

In the light of Saleh's argument, tax resources are equivalent to 2 percent of GDP and non-oil imports account for 5 percent of total imports.

As for al-Janabi's view, this is closer to radicalism than to reality. Appearance; but this vision remains the most effective treatment for the eradication of ills, requiring unconventional methods of work.

There is no doubt that the two approaches are complementary if soft power is achieved by enacting the laws that represent the infrastructure for starting towards maximizing non-oil resources, either through direct or indirect tax resources or reducing

We hope that the discussion through the press articles and columns will be a key input for change, but through this platform we call for holding specialized conferences with ready-made integrated work papers eligible to be draft laws to interpret and activate Article 111 of the Constitution, preceded by draft laws prepared by those who agree in principle, With a strategic mind to achieve the goal under a known time frame.

It is necessary to review systematically all the old and modern laws that impede the implementation of what the authors put forward through a specialized committee that submits it as drafts of alternative laws to the Council of Ministers in line with the text of Constitutional Article 111 as a basis; so that the projects do not go into the wind and so that loans that do not comply with the basic international standards .

There is a possibility to activate the paper d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh or the vision of Mr. Al-Janabi, but they must be immediately followed to establish the appropriate economic climate as the ground for a project that puts an end to corruption.


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