*********Source: Abadi "frozen" 1700 corruption file for VIPs

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*********Source: Abadi "frozen" 1700 corruption file for VIPs

Post  Admin on Sun May 06, 2018 9:03 am

Last updated: 6 May 2018 - 2:48 PM

BAGHDAD / A source in the Council of Ministers revealed on Sunday, the suspension of 1700 corruption files affect senior figures because of waiting for the results of the election.

 The source said, "Abadi received files from the International Anti-Corruption Team after the full audit, the number of 1,700 files of corruption affects Some of them are ministerial and parliamentary figures in Iraq.

 "The source added that" Abadi failed to activate the files, and did not solve them to the judiciary, as a result of synchronization with the period of election propaganda, "explaining that" Abadi wants to disclose after the announcement of the results, so as not to count electoral propaganda directed against his opponents Elections.

 "He noted that" some files relate to aphasia A huge financial and links with armed terrorist groups and foreign parties, has been the names of prominent Iraqi figures, including ministers and deputies, but activation will be after the announcement of the election results, "noting that" the announcement of these files will be after the results of the elections.

 " During his campaign in one of his constituencies in the province of Najaf, that he had evidence and evidence revealing the involvement of some of the figures in force, pledging to try them immediately after the final investigations.



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