Al-Issawi: Five forces agreed on the largest bloc and the situation is close to the national majority

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Al-Issawi: Five forces agreed on the largest bloc and the situation is close to the national majority

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Release date: 2018/6/28 8:00

[Baghdad: Al-Furat News} A member of the Political Bureau of the National Wisdom Movement, Abbas al-Issawi, said five forces have agreed on the formation of the largest parliamentary bloc. "

He said Issawi, told the {Euphrates News}, "Each winning team has a negotiating team and there were meetings between the wisdom and the Syrians and Fatah and victory and other political forces, and the total dialogues that have been understandings and a basis for them," noting that "it is almost finished and there are shares produced The elections of Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, and these are realities that can not be tolerated. "

He added that "there are understandings between the conquest and victory and others and wisdom to form the largest bloc, and joined the National Coalition and we have five blocks and waiting for the position of negotiations with the brotherhood Sunni forces who join the coalition and the position of the Kurds is settled."

Al-Issawi said that "the participation of all in the government is an issue that brings the matter back. Every parliamentary bloc represented by the government has a share in the state and in return it has a share of the parliament and its votes against the government, which leads to a government that does not have national cover. The successful government has parliamentary support from a capable parliamentary bloc To provide that parliamentary support. "

He stressed that "the stream of wisdom if he noticed or reached a final result that the next government is not productive will not participate as he did in 2010."

As for the difference between the concepts of national and political majority, al-Issawi said that "the political majority means {half +1} form of a group that reaches enough to form the government and the parliamentary majority regardless of the participants, while the national majority are realistic on the ground and say that there is a part of The Shiites in power and another in the opposition, as part of the Sunnis in power and part of the opposition as it is for the Kurds, "noting that" what we observe now is close to the national majority. "

He referred to the agreement on the next prime minister, noting that "the cause of the major setbacks experienced by Iraq is the stampede on the position of the prime minister, which caused even the dismantling of long-standing parties, and well done the blocks did not put the prime minister as a person."

He explained that "a committee will be formed of all blocs that will agree to write the government program, and then examine the specifications of the person capable of achieving this program," explaining that "we are looking for a cabinet strong and powerful ministers and the cuff is equal in the distribution of powers and each of them exercise his functions as written by the Constitution."

"There are many aspirants at this site and more blocs have a candidate for prime minister, but was unable to disclose so as not to be subjected to media campaigns, and the other is the shame of the other blocks."


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