Delta and KTFA Members Wednesday Night 4-3-19

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 Delta and KTFA Members Wednesday Night 4-3-19 Empty Delta and KTFA Members Wednesday Night 4-3-19

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Iraq imports goods from Kuwait worth 7 billion Iraqi dinars during the past month

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry said on Wednesday that the volume of exports to Iraq about seven billion Iraqi dinars during the month of March, noting that Iraq was ranked fifth in the import of Kuwaiti goods.

"The total exports to Arab countries except the Gulf countries amounted to 115.5 million dinars in March compared to 7.5 million dinars in the same period of 2018," the newspaper Al-Anbaa reported in a news item.

The exports to the Arab countries were distributed to Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Palestine, Syria, Sudan and Libya.
"Egypt topped the list with 110 million dinars, followed by the UAE with 2.1 million dinars." Italy came third with 2.1 million dinars while Qatar came fourth with 1.8 dinars Followed by Iraq by about 1.8 million dinars (7 billion Iraqi dinars).

She pointed out that "Jordan came in sixth place with a value of 1.4 million dinars, up 15.8% compared to the same month last year and then followed in seventh place Belgium worth 922 thousand dinars

Lambchop: Wow, Delta!! This is a big step!!! Lookin' good!!...and moving right along...............

Cleitus: I like the fact that countries such as Egypt, UAE, Italy and so on are also getting paid with Iraqi dinar! Whaoooo....

Drtimm: Very weird going on at my Chase bank today. I went there this morning & I had to show my bank ID to the guard at the front door. There were several Gov vehicles in the parking lot. I thought there had been a robbery there. I had t get a certified check for our new offices. There was only one teller available, just one.

So I asked here what is going on...she said 'I can't say much but we are having all new up dated equipment being installed'. I asked if those are new de la rouge machines and she said yes. ..Oddly I was the only customer in there.

Yet several what I think were white gov rigs & one utility truck. hummmm? Something is going on...

Lambchop: Yes, crazy going on at US Bank, Chase, BoA here in Fox Valley area of Illinois...suits, high security……It's nuts! They just told me "don't ask".Who knows....hey, may even be HUGE audits since wire services were down last two days. I won't assume anything. Will see.

GFulcher66: I believe an article from zerohedge yesterday was also explaining how US banks and the globe are changing the way $ is moved/transfered from SWIFT to CIIPS, a much faster and secure $ transfer system. Kind of goes with the fed thing, IMO its another sign of the RV moving fwd, the new track it will function on ... (not that were waiting on that)
Don961: Saudi Arabia: We plan to grant visas to Iraqis in Baghdad over the next two months

2019-04 - 03

Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday its intention to grant visas to Iraqis from Baghdad, while an informed source said the Saudi delegation, which will visit Iraq today, will sign a number of important agreements.

"The visit of the Saudi delegation to Baghdad today comes within the framework of joint coordination between the two countries at all levels, especially as the relations with Saudi Arabia are of importance in a way that is reflected in the interests of the two brotherly peoples," Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad al-Sahaf as saying. "Saudi Arabia can play a role in the stage of investment and reconstruction in Iraq, and cooperation with multiple economic circles," as he put it.

The first session of the Coordination Council between the two countries was held in the Saudi capital Riyadh in October 2017 under the auspices of King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and former Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

According to the newspaper, the delegations will sign during the visit a number of important agreements, and the launch of a number of projects in several areas, especially economic and trade aspects.

According to the Saudi ambassador to Iraq Abdul Aziz al-Shammari, "Saudi-Iraqi relations are at their best at the moment," adding that "the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council will be the start of a number of projects and the signing of various agreements."

"In the next two months, we intend to grant visas to Iraqi brothers from Baghdad and officially open the Saudi consulate there," he said.

The Saudi-Iraqi Coordinating Council aims at enhancing the bilateral relations between the two countries in all fields to new horizons and coordinating bilateral efforts to serve the interests of the two countries and ensure the protection of common interests and the development of their strategic partnership. The Council aims to encourage the exchange of technical and technical expertise between the two countries, In scientific research.

The Saudi delegation, which will visit Baghdad today, includes Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan, minister of culture, Abdul Rahman al-Fadhli, minister of environment, water and agriculture, Khaled al-Faleh, minister of energy and industry and mineral wealth, Hamad al-Sheikh, minister of education, Chairman of the General Authority for Public Transport, Abdul Rahman Al Harbi, Governor of the General Authority for Foreign Trade.

"A high-level Saudi delegation will arrive in Iraq on Wednesday," Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said. link
Don961: Saudi Arabia will open its consulate in Baghdad tomorrow and sign 13 treaties with Iraq soon

Wednesday, 30 April 2019

Baghdad - Writings

Iraq continues to try to restore relations with the Arab countries, especially those with common borders and influential in the region economically or politically.

After rapprochement with Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait and Qatar, the role was at the top of the Sunni axis in the region.

Saudi Arabia, whose trade minister Majid al-Kasabi arrived on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, arrived in Iraq to announce that the Saudi consulate in Baghdad will open on Thursday.

He also announced in his capacity as head of the Saudi side of the Iraq-Iraq Coordination Committee that 13 completed treaties would be signed soon with Iraq.

The rapprochement also comes with the Saudi side to take advantage of it financially in the reconstruction and the establishment of hospitals and schools to serve Iraqis. link


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