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Economic role of communication Empty Economic role of communication

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Economic role of communication
Dr.. In the name of Brahimi
Recent studies point to the importance of communication with the public, which is a key issue in the success of economic policies. It is a fundamental part of policies. Therefore, economic reforms are liable to fail if they are not understood, ratified, accepted and influential in the target groups, especially with the spread of social media. The public is increasingly able to express their views on public policy and this requires greater transparency and accountability around the world, which increases the pressure on policy makers to better explain their actions to the public and clarify the justifications for their confidence.
Achieving effective institutional communication faces three major challenges that must be taken into account: First, trust, which is essential for the efficiency of an economy and the success of its reforms. It seems from the available indicators that economic crises contribute negatively to confidence in economic policies and while communication can contribute Is important in restoring confidence, but that must be credible and that people do not feel that communication is based on maneuvering in order to pass certain policies because this will deepen the crisis of confidence between the institution
And the public.
The second challenge is to learn from experience. Effective communication should be based on learning from experience as well as adjusting the communication process to suit the different areas covered by the policies, that is to say, the communication is based on data that is consistent with the target policy.
The third challenge is the importance of acquiring new capabilities in communication, whether through new technology or using multiple channels and reaching the public directly with the least amount of mediation. This is crucial in countries where economic information is still under development or dominated by a political platform
a certain.
The increasing importance of institutional communication with the public to convey messages and clarify policy appeared to be on the IMF's procedures by creating a communication department to accommodate these variables and to clarify the Fund's strategy with external actors. I think we need to benefit from this in Iraq. that?.


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