Electronic payment and citizen confidence

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Electronic payment and citizen confidence Empty Electronic payment and citizen confidence

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[ltr]Editorial date: 2019/8/4 11:31

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} by Bassam Al-Tamimi

When we talk about payments, we talk about the role that specialized institutions offer, under which confidence in this product is promoted.

Here comes the role of several criteria to verify the satisfaction of the recipient to come to this institution at the expense of the other, where you find confidence and security and speed of service and spread are the main criterion for success, as well as to communicate with the new in the field of payments.

The important thing is when you have an electronic payment company, the first to establish it and represent a successful mixed sector managed according to the best global mechanisms, and under the supervision of the highest government control, you realize that the electronic payment train in Iraq is moving in the right direction.

This success can be attributed to the positive reactions towards the national company that established the reality of electronic payment in Iraq, and was able to overcome the most difficult barriers and proved to exist, in exceptional circumstances.

And most importantly in the subject of electronic payment that this national company indicates success through the great interaction of the Iraqi family with this national edifice, which has stopped and serves millions and prefer other competitive institutions.

Today confidence is reflected in the choice to preserve the national security secret, which gave confidence to preserve the data of the most important institutions in the country, and this makes us aware of the role of national institutions in the service of the country, which requires us to work to support these institutions and protect them to promote the payment of electronic and service of the Iraqi family And the national economy.



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