Turkey: We will stay the crossing president of Iraq's oil exports and are ready to build a pipeline from Basra

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Turkey: We will stay the crossing president of Iraq's oil exports and are ready to build a pipeline from Basra Empty Turkey: We will stay the crossing president of Iraq's oil exports and are ready to build a pipeline from Basra

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2013/04/11 21:01

Term Press / Baghdad

Turkey confirmed that it will remain "President passage" for the transfer of oil and gas exports to Iraqi abroad, expressed its willingness to extend a new pipeline to transport oil from fields in Basra and the signing of a comprehensive agreement on the level of government to expand cooperation between the two countries in the field of energy.

This comes Turkish position after less than a week on the statements by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, aimed to "break the ice" in relations with Ankara after months of political interactions between the leadership of the two countries, as emphasized in (the fifth of April 2013 now), in a statement published his office in response to a question on the possibility of a rapprochement with Turkey, within the window of communication with the media, that Iraq welcomes any step of rapprochement with Turkey on the basis of common interests and mutual respect and good neighborliness.

The newspaper quoted (Todi time) Turkish, Thursday, for Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, saying, in a conference of oil and Ghaz held in Asentpol continued and ended his day that "the Turkish government is ready to cooperate in the construction of oil pipeline new can be a substitute for tube existing extended from Kirkuk to the ports of Ceyhan and Turkish Iyomrtalak ", during an energy conference held Yildiz in Ankara, Turkey, Wednesday, (the tenth of April 2013 now), also briefed the (long-Presse).

The newspaper reported that "exports via pipeline Kirkuk-Ceyhan, has declined significantly since December 2012 last, after he was export rate up to 200 thousand barrels per day, and that the differences between the government center in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, concerning payment of wages companies operating in the fields of the latter."

The Wilds, according to kill time, that "Iraq has the potential to enhance returns the current annual sales of oil and gas of 100 billion dollars three times higher during the five or six years ahead," stressing that "Turkey will be happy to see the improved conditions in Iraq."

The newspaper reported that the Turkish minister, "expressed his country's readiness to transport crude oil from Basra to global markets when needed," pointing out that this "need Sttodh more when production capacity increases with the construction of new oil facilities in Iraq."

The Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, according to the newspaper, that "Turkey will remain a crossing President to transport energy resources Iraqi including oil and gas," he continued that "our trade oil with Iraq covered commercial contracts have been signed in advance and can lead a comprehensive convention on the level of government to expand our cooperation in the field of energy. "

It is noteworthy that Turkey is seeking thereby to flirt with the central government and the Oil Ministry where, after a period of estrangement on the back of closer ties oil with the Kurdistan region, and seeks to extend pipeline from the fields of the region into its territory, so as to enhance the independence of Irbil from Baghdad, which raised a storm of criticism of official Iraqi .

And Kurdistan oil haunts the federal government in Baghdad, which opposes all along the line, the activity of the region in this regard and prepared in violation of the Constitution, while the region see the contrary based on the same constitutional reference, in the absence of the enactment of the federal oil and gas so far.



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