Training team accession negotiations to the WTO

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Training team accession negotiations to the WTO

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The Ministry of Commerce to hold a workshop in Geneva mid-March next team training Iraqi negotiator regarding accession to the World Trade Organization, and as explained that the entry of the organization requires the creation of a large industrial base in the country, indicated that he will create an atmosphere of competition between local goods and imported and restricts the flow of shoddy goods to the Iraqi market. 

said Director of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations at the Ministry Hashim Mohammed Hatem, said the ministry is working in collaboration with the U.S. mission to hold a workshop mid-March next team training Iraqi negotiator regarding accession to the World Trade Organization near the organization's headquarters in Geneva, and that for the procedures related to enter and prepared to fight negotiation rounds the next, explaining that joining calls for the preparation of files that contain special offers to members of the organization's 159 countries to study it thoroughly and comments on them, and after conducting all the rounds of negotiations required enters WTO accession into effect. 

added, that the entry of the organization requires activation of Al-Qaeda industries in the country, because the state governing the newly often suffer its local industry of intense competition, the fact that markets are wide open in front of goods flowing from the OECD countries, indicating at the same time, the absence of fears that because joining requires activation of the customs tariff, in addition to the Iraq over the previous experience of open markets and trade liberalization in the era of the civil administrator Bremer, noting that membership will enable Iraq to provide a lawsuit with the World Trade Organization against countries that export to its markets inferior goods to prevent the entry of the country. 

Iraq has made ​​a request to join as an observer in the WTO Global 2004 and got the approval of the General Council to accept the demand, and the impact that formed the Supreme National Committee, headed by the Minister of Commerce and membership of representatives of the ministries and departments relevant WTO Agreements who are the rank of director general or above. established the World Trade Organization in 1995, and is one of the smallest international organizations where she lived successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which was established in the wake of World War II.


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