Iraq uses the organization « Pokerschool recession » to join the «wto»

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Iraq uses the organization « Pokerschool recession » to join the «wto»

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Baghdad Shkran Fatlawi

The meeting recommended atheist Thirty of the National Commission on Iraq's accession to the Organization (WTO) held in Geneva, the need to speed up the process of accession to the WTO and stand on the reasons for the slowdown in research and resolved.

International expert d . Jamil al-Dabbagh said «morning »: The National Committee and chaired by the Minister of Commerce hired Organization " Pokerschool recession " , an organization affiliated to the United Nations is located upon themselves to develop trade in the world , pointing out that the organization has shown its willingness to help Iraq and worked with the delegation to re- update the files that have already and provided , as well as help them speed up the reading of files and join the Iraqi Special shorten the time necessary for it , where they take a long time starts from the Ministry of communications , through trade and other stakeholders .

Three files

Dabbagh said that Iraq and since Aktrmen ten years working as an observer and is seeking in order to be a member of this organization , pointing out that he had submitted three files relating to obstacles art that stands in front of Trade TBT)) and file phytosanitary (SPS) and the file for agriculture ACC)) where examined these files with the Secretariat of the Organization .

The reasons for the slowdown

He also discussed the reasons for the slowdown meeting in particular legislation concerning the laws of domestic and foreign trade as well as legislation relating to intellectual property legislation and slow file services , particularly telecommunications.

Dabbagh pointed out that Iraq's accession to the WTO will bring multiple benefits, including , for example, expand the areas of check-in to get the good commodity at a reasonable price , as well as protect consumers from shoddy products and shoddy or harmful to health as well as increased employment opportunities after increasing exports and expanding investments.


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