the results of the UNSC 11/18/2014

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the results of the UNSC 11/18/2014

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Mladenov: Iraq security strategy paying off

11/20/2014 0:00

Praised the initial agreement between Baghdad and Erbil
Baghdad morning

The United Nations expressed its satisfaction with the security of the progress made in Iraq, stressing the need to support Mesopotamia in International Development, which is implemented by bodies and agencies through programs and projects that cover all aspects and sectors of development agenda.

This satisfaction, in the words of the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, Nikolay Mladenov, who said during his speech at the Security Council meeting, said that "the security Alstratjah that the Iraqi government carried out against the organization" Daash "beginning to bear fruit.

" He pointed out, that this strategy new Judge recruiting elements from the local tribes to help in the fight against terrorism "began to bear fruit, and has areas that were controlled by the restoration of" Daash "after Ahjmth barbarism of the country last June," .alstratejah which talked about the UN envoy, based support and the integration of local communities in the national system allows them to maintain a safe home of terrorism; and to restructure and to enable the armed forces in the fight against "Daash", as well as enhancing cooperation with forces "Peshmerga" Kurdish, as well as working with "international coalition" and coordination with Iraq's allies, specifically the states bordering.

Welcomed Mladenov to "the efforts of the Iraqi government to improve its cooperation with the local tribes and other residents who are committed to protecting their communities from" Daash ", through the payment of salaries for the volunteers of the sons of the tribes and the provision of arms to them and training, as well as the legal guarantees for the volunteers as a priority" .aldblomase Bulgarian, who has held his post as head of the mission internationalism in Iraq last summer, urged the Government to continue its steps in strengthening the political, security and economic support in a comprehensive manner, what would contribute to the achievement of national reconciliation and the restoration of stability in the country and consequently growth Alaguetsada.palmkabl, called on all armed groups except "Daash" , to "open a serious dialogue with the government to achieve genuine political reconciliation", and called for those groups to "stand united with the government against the threat of terrorism and violence, for a better future for all Iraqis.

" In its annual report, Browse Mladenov events that occurred in the country since the beginning of the year running until the moment of liberation spend "Peggy" desecrated "Aldoaash" which cleared the entire territory yesterday Iilathae.alahadh internationalism, also received on the tongue of the UN official about what he described as "important positive developments in relations between Baghdad and Erbil," after "the agreement first." who got them where was reached acceptable solutions on outstanding issues between the two parties.

It also encouraged them to "seize the momentum, and move quickly in order to reach a comprehensive and just solution to the constitutional of all outstanding issues, including the age of the oil and gas law and the laws of revenue sharing," stressing that his mission "stands ready to continue to provide good offices, as well as legal support and technical for this process. "


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