Mnt Goat Friday Update Post - “Another One Bites the Dust” Part 1 of 2

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Mnt Goat Friday Update Post - “Another One Bites the Dust” Part 1 of 2

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UU6808 – “Another One Bites the Dust” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Today I come to you once again to see what sense we can all make out of this RV saga of the Iraqi dinar.

It is the end of the week and so where does Iraq now stand on the needed reforms for a currency reform decision? Will they decide soon that it is time to give Iraq back their true international currency?

Remember – that many say that Iraq is a sovereign country since they are now out of UN Chapter 7 sanctions (since June 2013) however technically this is entirely NOT TRUE until they get their currency reinstated.

Was this supposed to happen shortly after or just before June 2013?

Yes – The CBI had plans beginning in early 2012 and began the final preparations. However many politicians (the good guys) stopped the process. This was because of the major concerns that Iraq could use their wealth to buy weapons and explosives to support terrorism and evidence was found that the current prime minister Maliki was heading this effort for Iran and Syria. Maliki’s administration also did not support many of the much needed reforms and Erbil agreements as agreed he would.
I have been telling you this story now for many months that they need political and economic stability along with physical security in order to get their currency reinstated. Have they achieved these goals?

So in April 2014 they began to vote on a new candidate who by September 8th was finally announced to work towards achieving these goals. This new prime minister was Haider al-Abadi. There were many promises made to reform the country so he can have control over forming this new government. But this new government was not going to be a status quo Maliki government. To ensure this would not be the case, Abadi had to give a progress report to the PTB and the political parties involved. He had to show success or risk the fate of losing his position as prime minister. They were not about to let another Maliki like PM continue unchecked.

Abadi could not hardly believe the extent of the corruption left behind and all the missing funds. The amount of missing funds amounted to over 1 trillion dollars by his first six months. Much of this money was found but could not legally be recovered (at least not yet). So progress was slow at first as Abadi got his feet wet over his first year in office. The bad guys began to stand out and they became obvious and clear as to just who was blocking the reforms and any real progress.

This progress reports continued each quarter. When they hit mid year of 2015 it was apparent that a new strategy and a plan had to be made to “aggressively” push this reform process along since there was still too much political resistance to change on these needed reforms.

Part of this plan was to get the religious leaders involved and to rally the citizens to get them directly involved in this effort. They were to put pressure on parliament to get off their *ss and get these reforms completed.

So in this June 2015 time period the PTB called another Paris Conference. Part of the dialogue was to come up this new plan, with this strategy in mind. They asked how they could “pick the low hanging fruit” (prioritize the reforms that would given them the most benefit and can be accomplished in the shortest period of time). They recently referred to these items as the “hasty” reforms.

Abadi and his cabinet (council of ministers) then went to work, formulated the list of priorities and then presented the plan to the PTB in this June meeting. They were granted 3 months to accomplish their plan.

The plan also included sequencing the implementation of the laws so the reforms could work. This was the tricky part and entire plan could fail if not done correctly.

From this last Paris Conference I learned that if Iraq can complete these agreed to items they would be in a great position to get their international currency reinstated and the process completed for currency reform. This is why I kept telliing everyone all this hype about any day/ every day RV was nothing more that hype and so ignore it. I had sources telling me what was really goiing on. We know the process now - distribute the lower denominations, launch the 50k notes in circulation, continue the project to delete the zeros to coincide with a significant increase in the value of their currency.

So in today’s news letter I am going to tell you just where they stand on these low hanging fruits (or the so called “hasty” reforms).

Today’s News

Today is Friday September 18th and still no RV. Many so called intel “gurus” are now telling you there are two windows of opportunity that the PTB are aiming at for the currency reform mid September and the end of September.

I also believe these two alternative timeframes have been set for an RV. I have been telling you now for 3 months that come mid September we could possibly see some action in this area. If you read my explanation above in today’s news letter you have a brief history of what has taken place to get where we are today. So I guess Mnt Goat was correct

So today I am going to tell you the news resulting from the latest conference held over this past week.

Mid September is here and Iraq has not yet completed all the promises from the mid June conference. They have decided to extend the effort for another 2 weeks to the end of September. So do not expect any RV at least until this timeframe.

So they will now move to a new target end of September ending as their next date. Iraq is very close to accomplishing the needed tasks and I will address this further below. They have less than 2 weeks to pass a couple needed laws but these are the most controversial ones. All the laws are critical to Iraqi success. All the laws have had their 2 readings in parliament. All the remaining laws are essentially done but need revisions.

We now see the USA and UN aggressively making decisions to take more control since they did miss the mid September deadline. There are rumors if these last pieces of legislation are not completed by end September they may force it upon them and decide the best means for them.

Remember the bottom line is that technically they can legally take back this control over the process and Iraqi affairs since Iraq is still under Chapter 7 sanctions resulting from Article 4 of the UN charter. There are political ramifications of the USA taking these actions and so they would rather not do it. But if they must it will not be so obvious and in the open. So they must pretend it is through the coalition and use other countries too for this purpose. It is a chess game once again. But the good news they are acting now and now is finally the time.

Update: Needed Reforms

A month ago we witnessed the PARTIES LAW and it passed in parliament. Just yesterday we heard also that the president Masuom ratified the law and so it all the way through. Remember political members have 60 days to comply and then they will be targeted as noncompliant and suffer the penalties.

Just this week alone we witnessed other much needed legislation including the passage of the ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING AND FINANCING TERRORIST LAW. I can not tell you enough the importance of this law in relationship to the currency reform. We should all be popping open bottles of champagne and celebrating. There is a copy of the law available to the public. If you read its contents it is very similar to a standardized anti-money laundering/terrorism blue print most UN countries are now using. This too is terrific news. The law is all encompassing.

The INVESTMENT LAW was announced that it would be postponed until September 29th (after Eid holiday) because of some unclear language in the bill. I firmly believe we will hear shortly that they will address this bill sooner than later and get it to parliament for a final vote way before this timeframe of end of Sept.

The passage and implementation of the AMNESTY BILL is also one of the mandatory legislations that is needed prior to seeing any RV. This bill has many sections that still need revisions since it had to wait until the anti-terrorism law was in place. It will also need to coincide with the National Guard law. I am hearing the bill is now ready and just waiting for the correct timing.

The JUDICIAL REFORMS LAW too is needed prior to any RV. I have also been emphasizing this concept to everyone for months and months now too. This along with the National Guard, the Amnesty bills are key reconciliation reforms. So just this week they announced we will probably see this law enacted prior to the Eid holiday.

Based the current situation of extreme pressure to get these bills completed and implemented, I firmly do not believe that the government is going to shut down this year for Eid holiday unless this legislation is completed. There is just too much pressure from the UN and the USA (opps…. I mean coalition….lol….).
Why is the extreme pressure?

The pressure is coming from many sources. One is pressure from the international community because they need the revaluation of the Iraq currency since the IQD is seeded already in many countries as reserve currency. Another is within the country of Iraq itself. As I mentioned before the religious leaders were asked to assist in getting the citizens to demonstrate to put pressure on parliament. Pressure is also coming directly from the recent efforts from Abadi on many of the politicians to expose corruption and the threat to eliminate their positions if they are not productive. They are witnessed this when Abad combined ministries and dismissed many of the ministers. Also the three vice presidential positions along with many unnecessary deputies and vice deputies. Oh did I mention the dismissal of thousands of unnecessary body guards dealing with security. So they know the threat is real and not just talk.

Article Begins:


The voice of the House of Representatives at its session today to approve the draft anti-money laundering and the financing of law Alarhab.anthy

Article Ends

Central Bank: Adoption of the money laundering law will provide a legal framework for the banking sector

Long-Presse / Baghdad
The Central Bank, said on Wednesday that the House vote on the money laundering law will provide a legal framework for the banking sector.

The bank said in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, that "the central bank appreciates the House vote on the anti-money laundering and smuggling of funds law," noting that "the law provides a legal and regulatory framework ahead and in line with international standards and requirements."

He noted the bank, that "the law would provide legal frameworks for the banking sector."
The Iraqi Council of Representatives held on Wednesday, (2015,9,16) 23 of its first legislative term of the second legislative year, headed by first deputy chairman of the House of Representatives Hamoudi and the presence of 195 deputies, while the agenda of the meeting included a vote on the draft Anti-Money Laundering Act and the financing of terrorism.


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Re: Mnt Goat Friday Update Post - “Another One Bites the Dust” Part 1 of 2

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 19, 2015 12:14 pm

Mnt Goat Friday Update Post - “Another One Bites the Dust” Part 2 of 2

Iraq has told us and I quote- "The National Guard Law is one of the most important paragraphs of the document of political reform”.

We heard some great news about the National Guard law this week. It was not the news we wanted to hear but at least now we understand and confirmed fully their perspective on this law and its importance to Iraq and to us investors (no National Guard law thus no RV). We know the USA strongly suggested conscription to fill the ranks of a mandatory armed Iraqi forces.

CONSCRIPTION defined: Compulsory enrollment and induction into the military service.
Conscription is commonly known as the draft, but the concepts are not exactly the same. Conscription is the compulsory induction of individuals into the Armed Services.

DRAFT defined: whereas the DRAFT is the procedure by which individuals are chosen for conscription. Men within a certain age group must register with the Selective Service for possible conscription.

I fully expect them to reconcile any differences in this law in the coming days and we will see this law passed very soon. We can already see that the USA is taking more control since the agreed to time period was not accomplished. So Iraq has to either move forward or they will force a decision to move forward. I do not see any obstacles.
So I have to tell you these next 2 weeks are going to be really exciting for us. Iraq knows that the major holiday is just around the corner. They are nearly complete on all the necessary short term goals of the “hasty” reforms. My opinion is if the coalition forces can gain a sense of stability and control in the Anbar and Mosul regions (physical security) we could very well see the continuation of the currency reforms begin again at the end of September (if not prior) thus move into the revaluation we have been waiting for.

Update; National Cards

In many of my news letters I talked about the importance of the National cards and told you they were going to combine all their cards (Q-cards and Ration cards) in to one “National” card. Iraq has been talking about this it seems forever. But now they have finally completed it. It is almost hard to believe they actually did it. Another piece of amazing news this week. Heck it looks like another bottle of champagne to me….lol….

I also talked about the importance of these National cards to the refugees crossing over into other countries and the agreements made with those countries to accept them as long as they did not have to take on the extra burden of paying out social programs for them. Instead they can continue to receive their Iraqi oil royalties anywhere in the world. The intent is once Iraq goes international, payments on these cards can be accomplished easily from any ATM machine and will allow these refugees to survive.

The cards also establish a national identity and are very hard to counterfeit. So this too was on the list of needed reforms in establishing physical security in Iraq, since if challenged by police, the card will detect terrorists or unwanted foreigners.

In the anti- terrorist law, just also passed this week, (see above- is this coincidental they both came to us at the same time?), they established a procedure for handling these unwanted people in Iraq – No identity card means automatic arrest and confinement until they can determine who they are, then possible deportation. Does this also sound like they want to weed out the Iranian militias too. Do they have plan in the future to strictly, randomly check anyone on the streets? How else can they do this without these cards? These cards also can be used for banking since the banks must now fully identify anyone they do business with such as borrowing money or depositing funds. Does this also sound like the procedure now in the USA and Europe?

We know they began distributing these cards a month ago even though they just now passed the bill and claim they will begin distributing the cards on Sunday 9/20.

Citizens must register to get these cards and provide proof of identity and citizenship. This means this also helps establish an updated census to allocate the oil revenue funds to the provinces. We know these cards were part of the stalling of these payments. We know that HYDROGEN CARBON LAW (HCL) payments too is mandatory for any RV. They are inches away from accomplishing this requirement now.

Many times you readers may see these articles and brush them off as not so important. You may even say to yourself “who cares”. This is why I bring my news letter to you since Iraq is making great progress. I do not care if maybe the news is a couple days late in getting to us. Nonetheless we are getting the news and we now know the target timeline they are moving on.

By the way anyone trying to compare Kuwait’s situation and how they too implemented a National card program in close proximity to their revaluation in the mid 1990’s has got to be nuts in the head and I mean crazy nutso!

Please take off your RV hat. Kuwait;s situation was entirely different than Iraq. The comparison is so different it is like comparing fresh apples to a rotten sardine…….lol……

As you can see I really, really dislike it when people make these dumb assumptions and make their nonsense public. They do not have any material proof to back up their claims either. So relax. These same people instead should take the time to look at the last 90 days and see all the hard work Abadi, his cabinet, Jubouri and others have done for Iraq. But instead they always want a simple solutions and just a quick date and a rate.
Do these last 3 months have any significance in the matter? Shouldn’t you be excited about the progression of these reforms instead? Oh – but wait you have already been told by some intel “guru” (I will not mention any names) who have been telling you all along all the laws are completed and don’t matter that much anyhow.

Here is the news article from Iraq to prove it. No hype, no rumors, just facts.

Article Begins

Interior Minister directed the adoption of the single card is an Official Document

Twilight News
09/16/15 | 12:05:32

Twilight News/Minister of Interior Mohamed Salem al-Ghabban weekly meeting of the higher Committee for the standard card, the Director General citizenship and a number of concerned and sponsors.

The meeting discussed the achievements of previous decisions of the meeting and work processes in terms of the bridge, which began distributing the card to citizens on Sunday.

According to a statement of the Interior responded to Twilight News, the minister instructed outstanding workers in the single card.

He stressed the withdrawal of previous documents from all citizens who received the standard ID, and adopted as an official document in all the joints and the institutions of the Ministry of the Interior.

(Iraq ID card will be replaced with a new card(Single card))

Article Ends

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat


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