Merkel: we must reform the UN Security Council

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Merkel: we must reform the UN Security Council

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:20 am

Author: bian7 on: Sunday 09/27/2015 0:05

BAGHDAD / WAP / follow-up / German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday, it was time to reform the United Nations Security Council, expressing the right to be on the distribution of power in parts of the world in the twentieth century and atheist.

Merkel said that "We need a new style of work to solve problems, and that makes the Security Council reform is necessary, reform reflect the real distribution of power in the world better than it is today."
The call came in a summary of Merkel's remarks in her opening remarks, at a meeting with her counterparts from Brazil, India and Japan, participants summit meeting of world leaders on global development in the United Nations General Assembly.


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