More Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Monday Night 8-8-16

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More Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Monday Night 8-8-16

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Lostnq8: Frank is wearing white tonight

Nanna: what significance is his being dressed in white?

Lostnq8: White HOT!

Nanna: he used to have us watch for what color he was dressed in....and when his ponytail is gone....that's IT!

Lostnq8: Now we are going into intel with Frank.

Iraq is sick and is going to the ER….. The sickness is ISIS, terrorism. TWo cities are pivital to where they go in the future.

How do you lift article eight. Lift the three zeros. Now countries are rebuilding IRAQ and the reforms. They are getting ready for something.

Countries (ER) are attending to sick Iraq.

We are now in the second of the two by two by two. Two represents two weeks.

Our news says we are just now going into Mosul. But....we have been in Mosul for a while now. Our media is not telling us anything.

Mosul is the second of the two by two by two. So we only have one more two by left.

The moment that they give Mosul the monetary reform will go at the speed of light. Having to do with the relationship with the Kurds.

They are just buying time to tell about their monetary reform.

The companies going into Iraq are not stupid they are studious. They know what is going on.

We will see Mosul by the middle of this month in his opinion.

The major step is the WTO. (World Trade Organization)

The seed has been planted, now we need water and sunshine.

The WTO is waiting on the (remove?) zeros. Waiting on liberated MOSUL. Be patient

Iraq IS international. They are dealing with international banks.

Frank believes in September.

He says they have no control. They are just waiting on Iraq.

The WTO is asking questions about the taxes and tariffs.

Waiting on Iraq to lift the value of the Dinar
People were waiting on laws to be passed. YOu don't really need no stinking laws. They passed them all.

The laws are waiting on Mosul.

There is a preparation for lifting the three zeros.

The banking systems in IRaq are so up to date it is sickening.BUT. It doesn't do them any good at a program rate. The currency value has to be lifted before anything happens.

GOI and Governor has to make the decision when to lift the zeros.

Cards are being dealt.

They are operating under the HCL already. There was a rider on the HCL that had to be dealt with.

We arent talking with anyone this week. We are just waiting.

It isn't time to liberate Mosul yet becaue when they do the financial reform will go at the speed of light.

Iraq is on a fast track membership to the WTO. None of this is going to make sense to us just Iraq.

Islamic banks are waiting on the reconstruction of the liberated places in Iraq. But they don't have liquidity….. Again, they are waitng on Mosul.

They don't care about us. They don't need to tell us anything.

We may hear about their credit rating when it comes around… Possibly a B plus

Now he is going into questions.

Kurds are happy because they have their language on the new currency

The RV is marching forward. Iraq is saying hello to the WTO
Iraq is need of velocity, liquidity. They don't have that velocity yet.

Dr. Shabbi is choosing VIPS. first he will tell you that the CBI is stable.

Summarizing....Many agencies signed off on Iraq a long time ago. The WTO is going to do the same.

The WTO is his interest right now. Yes, the WTO.

He does not know when it will happen, but it will. Hold your post. Don't get depressed. Be steady and focused on what your doing.

Everyone, CBI etc is saying go. RAISE THE VALUE OF OUR CURRENCY!


The Iraqs beginning of the year is October. They promised to raise the value the beginning or middle of the year. Iraqi fiscal year.

Thats all folks!!!



KTFA Monday Night Conference Call

Approx. minutes long

The first part is Business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#

Link will be posted as soon as available


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Fisher : Europe song, Final Countdown

MarkB : USNs ?

Fisher : Bingo, final countdown, usn…..announced/released

Fisher : Everything allegedly on timer/autopilot


Dinar Updates:

BGG ...they are moving forward at great speed - right now... most are justifiably excited right now.

Emailed to Recaps:

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