The main axes of the rules of procedure of the National Alliance, containing 13 items

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The main axes of the rules of procedure of the National Alliance, containing 13 items

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Baghdad -arac Press -6 November: A leading figure in the National Alliance, on Sunday, on the salient features of the rules of procedure , containing 13 items items.

A spokesman for the Supreme Council of Islamic Hamid Maaleh in a press statement, " The bodies of leadership and political National Alliance and out of national responsibility and constants legitimacy and the requirements of institutional work approved, the rules of procedure of the Alliance , " noting that " the draft rules of procedure included 13 regulatory item dealing with the definition of this institution political pivotal and explains the functions of his deputies and the president. "

He Maaleh, that " the items explaining the system of the three leading political and public bodies, as well as mechanisms of meetings and how to adjust its records, also includes the work of specialized committees that take it upon themselves to follow up the files that have been announced previously legislative and governmental and judicial Kalmlv and Provincial Affairs and Media and social networking , " indicating that " the committee is following up the economy and security files , and public relations , both nationally and internationally."

He revealed burdensome, that " the rules of procedure stipulates that the selection of the President of the National Alliance are periodically", stressing that " the rules of procedure of the National Alliance , which was approved yesterday, will finally to the general assembly of the Alliance for public recognition."

And ratified the National Alliance, on Saturday, on its rules of procedure unanimously, and expressed support for the integration of the date of the provincial councils elections and parliamentary elections , ".anthy (1)


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