Cabinet decisions to Tuesday's session

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Cabinet decisions to Tuesday's session

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November 15, 2016 | 19:52

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During the regular session of the Council of Ministers, which was held today under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a vote on a number of decisions.

A statement of the prime minister, the decisions taken by the Board during its regular meeting held on Tuesday by the (November 15, 2016), which are as follows:

Vote on the establishment of an oil company Dhi Qar raised again after the Council of Ministers and the exclusion of secure vehicle registration and leave the market in the capital Baghdad and the provinces requirements of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. Project (347).

A message from French President Francois Hollande addressed to the Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi display, Holland in which he stressed "France's commitment to support Iraq and to stand with him in his war against al Daesh, and praising the Iraqi forces and the tournaments in their battles against terrorism and admiration and appreciation for the steps Abadi collect and unify the components of Iraq, which will be a model civilized countries of the region. "

Guidance by the General Authority for the implementation of border ports, border crossings projects through investment projects stalled after the liquidation.

Vote on the disengagement and the transfer of public companies, a state-owned companies (Yarmouk, Al Qadisiyah, Hittin Qaqaa and the tiller and Hammurabi) of the Ministry of Defense and attached to the Ministry of Industry of all its employees and its assets and the transfer of financial allocations for the Ministry of Industry.

Vote on the ownership of the Ministry of Transport land area held by the three sidewalks near the port of Umm Qasr and Tmena land area that you need to build sidewalks and other projects.

Providing a study targeting the poor to help the poor and deserving actually improve their conditions through a systematic scientific study.

Vote on the Ministry of Electricity Plan.

In terms of clarity and transparency of the government, it was to vote on the deployment of a draft financial budget after approval by the Council of Ministers.

Abadi was announced at a press conference after today's meeting, the reduction of expenditures for goods and services 90% compared with the year 2013, pointing out that the government is seeking to apply modern methods on social protection benefits, and that the Council of Ministers held a slight adjustments to some of the legal provisions of the draft 2017 budget .


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