Bonded announce reaching a semi-agreement on the final draft of the Federal Court Act

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Bonded announce reaching a semi-agreement on the final draft of the Federal Court Act

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January 23, 2017 | 13:46

Network Iraqi position

Chairman of the Legal Committee of Parliament MP "Qassim bonded" announced to reach a semi-final agreement on the draft of the Federal Court Act, to be added the finishing touches this week and put to the vote later.

He said, "slave" I followed in a statement "the Iraqi position," that "the project of the Federal Court Act least as important as other legislation, another law in the joints of the work of the judiciary, and is still currently under trading volumes and the debate within the parliamentary committee."

He said "slave" that "there is almost complete agreement on the terms and provisions adopted in the final draft now, and will be only Finishers during the current week and then displays on the agenda to a vote soon."

And on amendments to the amnesty law, he stressed that "the government has provided for the list of proposals to amend the amnesty law, one of which regards the kidnapping, which sees the inclusion of the inadmissibility of kidnapping pardon crimes."

"The slave" that "parliamentary committee studied the subject in detail and looked at the statistics and cases of kidnapping turns out that some of them are not motivated terrorist, but personal motives and tribal," noting that "the Committee stipulated several determinants of the buyout amnesty First, to Aevda kidnapping to the death of the kidnapped or caused permanent disability, or there is not blackmail Mali, and the availability of all of these conditions became justice of the coverage of this crime a pardon. "

He continued to say that "the other amendment the crime of forgery of official editors and increase your replacement of the penalty amount, and there was no objection to that."


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