Abadi announce the launch of a campaign to eradicate terrorism

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Abadi announce the launch of a campaign to eradicate terrorism

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Today participate in Munich Security Conference
BAGHDAD / morning
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived in Germany on Friday evening to visit the one-day visit to attend the Munich Conference on Security who is looking to strengthen international cooperation against terrorism.

Abadi and will deliver the word Iraq in the international conference which is attended by dozens of world political figures, he will also meet on the sidelines of a group of leaders and senior officials.

Before leaving Baghdad, al-Abadi said in a speech on Friday: "All Iraqis are fighting terrorism by the security forces and the crowd and folk Peshmerga and volunteers," adding that "security conference in Europe is important to us as Iraqis, so that the world seen the tournaments and the great victories achieved was achieved by any country in the world, it is also important for the world to stay with us and support us to eradicate terrorism. "

The commander of the armed forces: "There are some who want excitement and knits conspiracies aimed counts on the popular crowd .. We assure that the crowd irregular Iraqi force by law Hranah to regulate the crowd and ensure their rights, who defended for all Iraqis, and will not allow after day exposure for these heroes. "

He also noted that "terrorism is trying Securities mixing and targeting of mosques and popular places in Baghdad, Pakistan and Europe, and this needs to be a major global intelligence cooperation. Terrorism has a plan and there are those who funded and facilitates the passage of terrorists, and the world to play its role."

He announced Abadi "launching a campaign to eradicate the terrorism that kills citizens .. will Nstisalh also won in Mosul and continue to win it". As a statement, the media office of the Prime Minister received a "morning," a copy of it, that "the Prime Minister will meet in Munich with a number of leaders and senior officials including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and NATO Secretary General and Vice President and Secretary General of the Arab League and the Secretary General of the Gulf cooperation Council, foreign ministers and defense for a number of participating countries. " Government statement said that "al-Abadi will address Iraq at the conference in which he reviews the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces in the processes of liberalization and the expulsion of" Daesh "gangs of most of the territories that were under their control, and the government plans to restore stability to the liberated cities, and confirm the need for Iraq to more support his armed forces in the fight against the "Daesh" and the security services in response to terrorist attacks against civilians. "

On the other hand, Abadi held a series of meetings on Thursday night, the first military and security leaders.

A statement of the Prime Minister's Office followed the "morning", that "Abadi briefed on the progress operations" are coming, Nineveh, "and preparations for our heroine to edit the right coast of the connector.

Abadi and held during a meeting with military leaders at the headquarters of the Joint Special Operations Command, "contacts and field leadership and listened to their preparations for the battle and the emphasis on a number of directives and orders issued by the sovereignty of the field commanders and our heroine." The commander of the armed forces to "resolve the battle with" Daesh "gangs become very soon", praising our heroes in the armed forces in various Snovhm who Stroa grandest epics of victory, stressing "the importance that everyone takes into account the battle mode with terrorism" Aldaasha "who is trying in various ways to FAFSA down with him, but our heroine will not let him win and Iraq and its people on the terrorist gangs, "al-Abadi. As chaired an emergency meeting of security and military leadership in Baghdad operations command headquarters.

According to a government statement, that "The meeting discussed the security situation in the capital Baghdad and the actions taken in to protect citizens from terrorist bombings and the intelligence effort to uncover terrorist cells, it was issued a set of guidelines and procedures to ensure the security of the capital Baghdad and prevent the exploitation of the terrorists any loophole casualties to civilians and to prosecute all tempted to tamper with the security of the capital and its citizens. "

The Prime Minister has presided over Wednesday evening held a meeting with the leaders of the popular crowd in the presence of security and military commanders to discuss the organization of the work of the crowd in the light of customs clearance in the crowd Act Alhobei.ookd Abadi said in a statement reported by the Information Office "on the importance of the meeting to organize the crowd and walk him on the basis of sound", noting that "the great sacrifices made by our children in the crowd and the rest of the squad are contributed to the liberalization of land and must guarantee their rights."



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