Coordinate the conversion of governmental business systems into electronic

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Coordinate the conversion of governmental business systems into electronic

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08/4/2017 12:00 am

Communications opens optical cable next to Rusafa
Baghdad / Isra Samarrai

The Ministry of Communications revealed its intention to transform the administrative systems in all state institutions into electronic, while opening the optical cable project next to Rusafa, which includes 189 thousand light lines.

The official spokesman of the ministry, Hazem Mohammed Ali, said in a special statement to «morning»: that his ministry is working to develop the reality of administrative systems in ministries and government institutions in Baghdad and all provinces and in all areas, through work to transfer from paper to electronic.

He pointed out that this step comes in order to shorten the time and effort, as well as to ensure the security aspect in conducting transactions of citizens, revealing the coordination of his ministry with the Ministry of Interior in order to issue passports to citizens wishing to do so through a single window by linking its competent departments to a main network between Baghdad and the provinces, To the issuance of the unified card for citizens in specialized centers provided with modern software in line with the policy of the unified card project via the Internet.

Ali added that his ministry has worked on preparing the technical side of the electronic ration card project for the benefit of the Ministries of Commerce and Planning, in order to facilitate the process of equipping citizens with their individualities in a fair manner, as well as revealing the phantom names that some weak people may put on without inclusion.

He pointed out that the implementation of e-government will also include the granting of certificates of study to citizens wishing to obtain their documents through a network and a special site, which he said will be in coordination with the Ministry of Education, in addition to the rest of the ministries and institutions and bodies and departments in Baghdad and the provinces.

On the other hand, the official spokesman for communications, the opening of optical cable project in the Rusafa side of the capital FTTH in coordination with the IQ company specialized in the field of communications and information technology.

He confirmed that 189,000 light lines have been allocated within the project, including 5,000 completed and ready for work in the areas of Rusafa. The project has achieved a qualitative and scientific leap in the ministry's work, which means it will achieve its goal of introducing the latest communications technology in the world to citizens' homes.

It is noteworthy that the same project opened next to Karkh during the month of February.


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