Abadi heads the meeting of the Security Council to discuss the events of Syria, Egypt and Mosul operations

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Abadi heads the meeting of the Security Council to discuss the events of Syria, Egypt and Mosul operations

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2:52 PM April 10, 2017

The National Security Council chaired by Haider al-Abadi said on Monday that the bombings in Egypt called for more intelligence and security cooperation between countries to get rid of terrorism, while taking a number of measures to stabilize the situation in Diyala.

Abadi said in a statement received "curriculum", a copy of it, "Prime Minister Haider Abadi presided over a meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security," noting that "the Council discussed the course of the battle coming to Nineveh to liberate the right side of Mosul and the victories achieved and to achieve the final victory soon."

"The Council discussed the situation in the region and its effects, particularly on the Syrian situation, where it was reaffirmed the position of Iraq rejecting and condemning the use of chemical weapons and the importance of preserving the safety of the people of Syria in addition to the need not to escalate in the region and cooperation of all countries in the region to eliminate gangs, "He said.

"The use of chemical weapons in Syria is a condemnable crime," Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on April 8, 2017. He said that Iraq was with the Syrian people who were victims of that, while the vice president stressed that support for Iraq is continuing and will increase in the fight against terrorism and the training of Iraqi forces.

"The Council stressed the unity of the word internally, which represents the strength of the country and focus on fighting and urging the elimination of it," pointing out that "the Council condemned the terrorist bombings in Egypt, which targeted churches and claimed the lives of a number of citizens."

He added that "the terrorist bombings call for more intelligence and security cooperation among countries to eliminate and eliminate terrorism and eradicate the deviant ideology," noting that "the Council has seen a detailed report on the security situation in Diyala province, where a number of measures and directives that contribute to the stability of the situation in the province "He said.

The office said that "the Council has related to the contracts of armament for the security forces and the requirements of the battle, and discussed the previous resolutions and directives in addition to a number of topics on the agenda."



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