Iraqi events in Istanbul to discuss the future of Mosul

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Iraqi events in Istanbul to discuss the future of Mosul

Post  Admin on Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:20 am

Last updated: 27 December 2016

Baghdad / Iraq News Network Iraqi events held a series of meetings in Istanbul on Tuesday, attended by about forty people of technocrats and intellectuals of the sons of the province of Nineveh, and deliberated regarding Mosul and conditions and its future.

And they discussed strategic issues, political, security, and the issue of community between the majority and minorities, and the issues of displaced persons and migrants, and the crisis in education, and rehabilitation of institutions and agencies, after a traumatic experience and it endured in the few years Almadih.odaa participants to the new administration to Nineveh, the powers window, exclusively in the period basic transition after the liberation.

And ate at their meetings processors for the establishment of civilian life in the whole of Nineveh, the floor of the Conference of a future expanded for pan Nineveh within 2017. hoping conferees to be 2017 general editor of Mosul and all the geography, Pan Nineveh , which is an administrative unit Iraqi full Oqditha and its environs and its villages.

They stressed that any change in the legal and administrative position contrary to the Constitution, depending on the decision of the Presidency of the Republic of Iraq in this regard (resolution No. 44 of 2016) , participants .tnol at their meetings processors for the establishment of civilian life in the pan Ninoy.otdmn final statement issued by the symposium meetings chaired the preparatory body of Sayar Gemayel, recommendations and demands of private rebuild civil society, and the criminalization of sectarianism and renounce the use of violence perpetrated by the organization of the Islamic State (Daesh) or by any party under any religious pretext or sectarian, racial or regional or tribal or partisan, and at any time . in light of this, the symposium called for the provision of the necessary factors for the establishment of a new awareness, based upon civilian life, including the removal of the effects of "Daesh" of the course of daily life all in Mosul.

This includes the adoption of a new collective thinking, change the curriculum, and update the speech media available throughout Nineveh, so as to enhance the support of civil society.



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