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08/8/2017 12:00 am

Dr.. In the name of Brahimi
The uncertainty surrounding the concept of economic growth remains to this day despite his presentation. The debate is still about the extent to which he is able to express the development of the economy, especially as it is based on measuring the change in the GDP component, which in turn has many problems related to its components and the lack of Surrounding other components is still outside the calculations of this output.

One of the disadvantages of gross domestic product (which measures the monetary value of final goods and services produced and consumed over a given period of time) is that it can not express economic well-being because it does not take into account external influences such as environmental effects, Assets like depletion of resources, but it is still the closest indicator to express

In this context, it should be noted that the economists and statistics at the World Bank are currently working on the development of estimates of natural capital and the rate of loss, and when they achieve it will be clear that sustainable economic growth rates are less than calculated over the past years for most countries and this gap will be clearer in The rent-free countries

This problem is manifested very clearly in the Iraqi economy, especially that the reality of the political approach in the country seems to be based on the famous saying of economist Keynes (we are all dead in the long term) even if they did not hear them, and it became the subject of perceptions of non-oil economy in Iraq to get to Sustainable growth rates

Here I call for a pause for economic openness or self-disclosure through the adoption of indicators of the non-oil economy (albeit in parallel with the indicators currently adopted) to be guided in the development of a road map for the future taking into account the achievement of the goal of sustainability in economic growth and public finance, A point of embarking on a new phase that coincides with the stage of military victory.

The current oil market data and its recurrent shocks on the rentier economies, specifically Iraq, confirmed that the long term that Keynes talked about in his statement is no longer the same today, and therefore we have to know what we missed and as it is said: to start late is better than not


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