The oil issue

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The oil issue

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:36 am

Author: Dr. Appearance of Mohammed Saleh

14/8/2017 12:00 am

First: oil and the world
Since the United States turned into a crude oil exporter in recent months, it has proved to the world that it is a huge force in innovation and technological innovation (especially in the production of crude oil from non-conventional sources such as rock oil to become less expensive as rapidly and as rapidly as possible) Very flexible sources on the US oil supply movement.
At a time when the US energy strategy continues to act quickly and aggressively to acquire the global crude oil market map and is looking to become the largest crude oil producer in the world in the Russian and Saudi Arabia scales. The United States today adopts hybrid economic models of oligopoly, The demand is monopolistic and at the same time.
He notes how the entire crude oil market, especially consumer demand within the US sphere of influence and its new policy of managing global oil resources, has been dominated by controlling price movements outside of OPEC, as well as its ability to influence the global supply of crude oil.
It is serious in the long term that the oil revenues and their financial accumulations are not a source of significant financial surpluses for exporting countries outside the energy policy of the United States and the United States markets themselves or their areas of influence. The oil-exporting countries must prepare for a long fiscal deficit that will lead to adjustments
Deep financial.
In the short term, the future market of the US oil market has the ability to switch position positions from long to short and vice versa within the reality of oil stocks for speculative price of the price, which transforms the change of oil supply from the offer and flexibility to a flexible offer high price.
Not to mention the announcement of the nature of US strategic stocks to influence price expectations and make the oil market more flexible.
In the medium term, we may expect that many of the sovereign wealth funds of the oil-exporting countries set up by the last decades and OPEC's entry into the failures of the world's exporters of raw materials will fall into disrepair in the returns of the exported wealth and their loss of distinction in generating very high financial surpluses.
Therefore, I do not find value for OPEC as a cartel for producers to influence the stability or stability of the international oil market in the future unless the United States intervenes in itself and becomes an influential member of the OPEC.
Second: What does Iraq do?
There is an evolution towards increasing the added value of natural and natural gas and developing the capabilities of the petrochemical industries and investments based on the partnership between the State and the private sector, which started with the Basrah Gas Company. The development maps of the oil fields are still being reviewed. Iraq is still among the group of countries producing traditional Cost in the world, which accounts for 50 percent of the available capacity of producing crude oil from its traditional sources.
The diversification of energy sources is the beginning of the path of comprehensive economic diversification through the strategy of developing the private sector and encouraging investment and address the problems of foreign investment in Iraq, especially in the core projects of the greatest operation and strength in economic interrelations in our country, which is the ninth countries in the world in the concentration of wealth
The political economy of peace that Iraq is heading towards after the end of terrorism and the liberation of human and land in the next few years will be followed by a comprehensive reform strategy, first and foremost the development of partnership with the private sector or so-called Iraq 2030, which will ensure economic diversification in which the contribution of the private sector in GDP with oil rises from 37% Is currently approaching 57% in the target year, with the availability of a competitive market system providing social security in operation, guarantee and financing and the establishment of a system that facilitates the establishment of companies, small, medium or large, in support of the State and its methodology. Which will be based on a social market economy, in which the state guarantees competitiveness and social justice.


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