.Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Saturday Night 8-19-17

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.Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Saturday Night 8-19-17

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Table of July /2017    (wink)

StephenMac63:  Over a 73 million dollar increase in foreign currency holdings and about 9 million in gold reserves increased.......somebody knows how to make money….All the while they dropped around 40 million in debt.......very productive month, many companies wish they can have this kind of operation.

Sirenfire:  That is VERY COOL... a 1.7 billion dollar credit is showing in july for current year revaluation!!!!! WOOHOOO PLUS currency issuance expenses for print NEW DENOMSSSSSS BAM spent over 5 mill printing new denoms in July... I would say we are READY BABY!!!


Frank26:  TY for bring this to our ATTENTION DELTA !!!

MOakes: O n Wednesday's call I believe Delta mentioned that the Dong may "eventually" come up to 5 cents.

In searching the value of the Dong, I found that in 1954 it was valued at 9 cents to the USD. So if my figures are correct 1 million Dong would be equal to $90,000 in USD.

In my opinion, the way the Vietnamese economy is now and the future is even brighter, we may see a much higher exchange rate in the future than it was in 1954.

Any one have any input on this?

StephenMac63:  I do not have any Vietnamese currency so my opinion will be unbiased and totaly speculative. While your research has provdided you with the 9 cent valuation in 1954 we can see the difference between then and now. Lets look at demographics...

According to Wikipedia: Population 92.7 million people, Iraq has 29 million and NK has 25 million, now you can put this in a mental pie chart format. Observation will result in realizing that Vietnam is over 3 times the number of population of Iraq. Excellent Consumer Market potential.

The country is classified as being ran as:

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a one-party Communist state. The Communist Party of Vietnam plays the central role in politics and society. Head of state, nominal commander of the armed forces and chairman of the Council of National Defense and Security is the president. Head of government is the prime minister, he is appointed by the president.

In recent years Vietnam's National Assembly has become gradually more active and influential in Vietnam's political life.


I am of the theory that it seems when the country is leaning more towards a democracy, it has the potential of "real world growth" and respect amongst its peers (other nations). When a country has an item of value that is in demand worldwide, their currency tends to be more valuable in the international arena. Iraq, for example, has the best oil. I do not know off hand what Vietnam has to offer the world that is in great demand and would cause the currency to skyrocket proportionally to the exports.

I would like to see the country make the progress that it has as they are working with the IMF and just had a Chapter 4 event, dont know if it was an initiation or a review.

Even if you make double your investment you are doing fab as the normal return on an investment is anywhere from 7 percent on up depending on the industry you have invested in. So, if you dropped 100 bucks, expect to get back 107, (investment+return)

The fact that IMF is involved with Vietnam is exciting in the form of getting the country upright to come into the world as a contender.

Just an opinion,   Stephenmac63


MilitiaMan:  The ports of Iraq are filling up. These two ships docked today and or within hours real close. That would mean to me they may have contracts for an amount post chapter 7, imo..




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