National Business Council: 200 commodities banned by the government for unknown reasons

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National Business Council: 200 commodities banned by the government for unknown reasons

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10:08 - 11/06/2018

Information / Baghdad ..

The head of the Iraqi National Business Council, Daoud Abdul Zair, on Monday, the existence of more than 200 items can be exported, which provides the country with huge financial revenues, but government authorities refuse to export for unknown reasons.

"Contrary to some opinions that Iraq has only oil to export, I confirm that we have personally set up a committee that ended up with the materials that businessmen have been seeking for years to obtain export permits," Zayer said in a statement to Al-Hayat newspaper. But to no avail, and thus became lost opportunities could have brought the country a large financial returns.

"This allows the export of these materials to encourage the local market to increase production and improve the trade balance. It is not possible to import billions of dollars from a certain country and we do not export them," Zayer said. There are materials that are not being used locally, so why keep them? "

The Iraqi balance of payments statistics showed that foreign trade to GDP ratio was 61.4 percent, while non-oil exports accounted for only 0.8 percent of the balance of payments, which caused resentment of experts and MPs in parliament who called on the government to reorganize the trade balance through bilateral agreements with countries Arab and foreign.

The Iraqi economy is based on oil production and export by 99.2 percent, after the country has lost all its industrial and agricultural capabilities because of the wrong policies of governments and the infrastructure damaged by war during the past four decades. is over/


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