Parliamentary finance demands guarantees from the government not to challenge the budget to pass

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Parliamentary finance demands guarantees from the government not to challenge the budget to pass

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January 4, 2019

Baghdad - Journal News

Member of the Finance Committee Representative Hoshyar Abdullah. Guarantees from the government not to appeal the budget paragraphs after the amendment by the parliament for the speed of passage in the coming days.

He said in a statement today: "Since we are in the Finance Committee will begin next Tuesday to discuss the paragraphs and items of the financial budget law for the current year and finalize it and meet with ministries and bodies and specialists to ensure a balanced process and accurate, we call on all political blocs to put their differences aside and stay away from the conflict on positions and ministries Remaining from the government cab, even temporarily, and now focus on the budget law to be able to complete and submit to vote as soon as possible. "

"It is very important that the Finance Committee is currently chaired by Parliament Speaker Mohamed Halabousi and supervises its meetings directly, since it played an important role in this committee during the previous session. The issue of the chairmanship of the committee has not been resolved to this day, Difficult problems within the budget law, including the fair rate of the provinces and allocations of areas affected by the aggression Da'ashi and the share of the Kurdistan region, and the resolution of the oil file between the governments of the Center and the region and the extent of the commitment of the regional government for the specific export through the company Sumo, and Peshmerga allotments and the installation of contract personnel Fair job grades and other "stressing" the need for Parliament from now on assurances from the Prime Minister that the Aatan materials that Sngerha as he did the former prime minister. "المالية-النيابية-تطالب-بضمانات-من-الح/


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