Security Council: Alqadola Iraqi and Kuwaiti Al-Ajmi in terror list

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Security Council: Alqadola Iraqi and Kuwaiti Al-Ajmi in terror list

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BAGHDAD / obelisk: Incorporated Committee of the Security Council of the United Nations more than 12 foreign fighters tough and collector funds and recruits linked to Islamic groups militant in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia and Yemen, including a senior commander with the "Islamic State" terrorist, on the black list.

The targeted sanctions committee of al Qaeda in the Security Council people from France, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Senegal, Kuwait, and provides penalties to impose an arms embargo and a travel ban and the freezing of assets.

France has provided the names of three of the committee, while the United States proposed 11 names and Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia, which has links to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and recruited young men in Tunisia to fight in Syria, Abdullah Azzam Brigades, linked to al-Qaeda.

The procedure is associated with the adoption of United Nations Security Council is expected Wednesday, the decision addresses the fighters foreign militants. It is scheduled to preside over the US President Barack Obama's Council meeting.

This coincides move by the council also with Obama's call for the establishment of an international alliance to fight the militants organization "Islamic state" that controlled large areas in Iraq, Syria and declared the "Islamic caliphate" in the heart of the Middle East. He called to attack the citizens of different nationalities.

Among those punished for the United Nations Commission Abdul Rahman Mohammed Mustafa Alqadola, an Iraqi takes a leading position in the organization "Islamic State" terrorist, and the work by the deputy leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

The list includes also black Norwegian Anders Cameron Ostenssvig Dali. And described as a member of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, has made ​​several visits to Yemen, where he received training on how to make explosive belts and improvised explosive devices and car bombs.

According to the United Nations list that "Dali ability to travel to several countries without visa restrictions feature can be used by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula in an attack in those countries."

Among those on the list Shafi Mohammed Sultan Al-Ajmi, a Kuwaiti, was described as an active collector of funds for "Front victory" and regularly runs campaigns on social media requests donations to the Syrian fighters.

Diplomats said the Security Council Security Council approved a US draft resolution due adopted officially on Wednesday and aims to "prevent and curb the recruitment, organization or transport or processing," people in another country in order to carry out or equip or participate in or plan to attack militant.

The resolution is aimed generally hardcore foreign fighters who travel to areas of conflict anywhere in the world, but attracted by the rise of the Islamic state and the Front victory in Iraq and Syria.

Experts said that about 12 thousand fighters from at least 74 countries have traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight with extremist groups.

The draft resolution falls under the provisions of Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which makes it legally binding for the members of the UN's 193 and gives the Security Council authority to impose decisions to impose economic sanctions or use of force. But the text does not give authorization to use military force to deal with the issue of foreign fighters.


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