Friday Mnt Goat Update - "Ex-PM Maliki Losing Ground Fast" Part 1 of 2

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Friday Mnt Goat Update - "Ex-PM Maliki Losing Ground Fast" Part 1 of 2

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UU6826 – "Ex-PM Maliki Losing Ground Fast"  by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

So this week there is much news again. Much of it was WOW news and long awaited news. So where do we go from here now that many of these laws are done? I will tell you today.

Sorry this news letter is very long today but mostly due to a few long articles. Please take the time to read it since I have taken much of my time to prepare it for you. I wish everyone a very good weekend and we will see what next week brings us.

I will emphasize that today’s news is about Maliki’s fate.

Have you ever been to the deli counter at the grocery store? There you have to take a number and wait your turn for service. 

So this is like Maliki too only he does not know it fully yet. But soon his number is about to be called…….lol…I think he would look very nice in an orange jumper suit!

Today’s News

Today is Friday October 30th and still no RV.

I am hearing once again a possible RV window coming up in mid November.

Folks all I can say is stay off this RV roller coaster. Stay way from this stuff.

Once again so called intel “gurus” will try to convince you that the RV window is going to happen. Oh they will sound forceful and know it all. They will sound convincing too.

Do not fall for it again….please. It is a mind trap. This is all nonsense. Like they themselves tell you that “no one will know the date or time of the RV”….so why do they then know? Why don’t they follow their own advise?

Oh but they will claim they have special contacts that spill the beans only to them. They brag that only they can tell them the up-to-date, minute-by-minute news of any RV. Really?  Well if they do then how is it that they have NEVER been correct in the five years they have been having their conference calls? So how good are these contacts anyhow. Why even bother? Incidentally most of their contacts I know all about and they are people just like you and me trying to put this info together. They know no more than we do.

Funny how there is always something else that stops it. Folks I am trying to tell you there will ALWAYS be something that stops it because these RV windows are just projections and nothing more. They are not meant for the general public consumption. These gurus are doing you disservice not a service. They are not helping you but making you drink the RV poison cool-aid. It is very upsetting and some government officials should step in and resolve these perpetrators.

When the PTB are ready to push this RV for Iraq NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will stop it..

I have explained these projected RV windows to you over and over again. In the government the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. They pop out of these meetings and go full swing towards the “go ahead” for an RV but the other hand knows darn well it will only be stopped later in the cycle. I do not know why they need to get everyone excited each time. So relax and watch the news. This is the best source of cure for the RV blues….

No prospects for an RV either in the coming month of November. Sorry Folks! Later December and possibly early Jauary has prospects but let’s all listen to the news first before we go off half cocked and hyped up. We need to see how Iraq progresses in all the areas we have been talking about in these news letters. There is a target and a plan I can assure you of this. They are moving at lighting speed to get there.

We also found out this week there has been a special committee set up specifically to assist Iraq in reviewing matters associated with issues in going back to the international arena. They have set a target of mid 2016 to be fully international. Did you hear me? I said fully international by mid 2016.

My personal beliefs:
If the world does not explode into WWIII over the Syrian / Iranian / Russia crisis and they can work through this Assad issue there is hope that maybe Iraq can meet this target in 2016.

The holidays are coming soon and so take time to prepare and get your minds off this RV. Let the holidays bring many blessings with or without an RV.

Update: On The Needed Reform Laws

So many of you emailed me and are upset that the RV has not yet happened since
this week alone we have heard  fantastic news about the passing of many of the needed, long awaited reforms laws, i.e. Investment law, National ID cards bill, the National Guard law and many others.

The only answer I can give to you is this – GET A LIFE!

Do you really know what is going on in Iraq? Do you really think someone is just standing by waiting to flick the RV switch once these laws were passed?

How many times must I tell you they need three things to happen prior to any RV – Political, Economic and Security Stability.  So do you really feel they now have all this…Really?

But they are getting very close as I know ISIS does not have to be perfectly gone in order to RV. Also the economy must be stable meaning they must meet their budget somehow and be utilizing their revenues to fund projects rather than have them squandered by corrupted officials. We are now seeing this cleaned up.

But the one item we are seeing a reluctance to get is the full ridding of Iranian influence in Iraqi politics. If Iraq is to be truly a sovereign nation it must proof itself worthy and be a sovereign nation. The USA is standing firm on this issue since they know Iran is an axis of evil and a terrorist nation. They will NOT allow Iranian influence in Iraq any longer.

Since now that the National Guard law is passed they are working on how to fill the ranks of the government legalized militias in the provinces. How will they do this? If you have been paying attention to past news you read an article I presented on “conscripting” citizens for these National Guard units. This idea was highly recommended as a solution by the USA. So now we see a bill being worked on namely a bill for conscripting (somewhat like the DRAFT) Iraq citizens. The training camps (boot camps) are already established and coalition advisors/trainers are ready for these new recruits. We wait again to see how all this plays out. But his new bill will give us a sense of timing. We know it takes about 8-12 weeks to fully train a soldier.

Next we still need the Amnesty law to be fully implemented and passed. In reality we know they have already let many political prisoners out of jail. But the bill was never officially passed and this has other ramifications and provisions once they do. What are they waiting for?  I am not certain but I suspect there must be a connection with something else they are working on. Maybe it is the National Guard units and maybe will now see the Amnesty go thru?
Update: On the Maliki Syndrome

Still the demonstrators call out for Maliki to stand trial for corruption and genocide. The pressure is building for justice.

So today, once again, I want to emphasize to you that Maliki must be taken down and brought to justice or there will be no RV. How do I know this and why am I so sure?

I say this because the demonstrators going back even to 2013, as they still continue to demand justice with all these high ranking officials involved in these corruption cases. We have recently seen the judicial, under these pressures, pluck out hundreds more of these officials are prosecute them. So when is it Maliki’s turn? When will he be wearing that orange jump suite?

I can assure you this must be done prior to the scheduled December Reconciliation (or Unity) Conference or they will not get anywhere in the conference and it will only be a failure. They have tried this conference before and do not want to fail again. This time they want to review all the demands of the people and slant the government’s progress report in this direction. So Maliki must be taken down and with him goes the Iranian influence. I included a couple articles below to give you a taste of what is happening in this direction. I suspect we will see his trial sometime in early November. This is only conjecture on my part and we will see how it all plays out.

I also want to let you know that the Accountability and Justice law is also much needed (not yet passed) and this law may be the breaking point for President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud. Must they wait for this law first before reaching out for Maliki? Do they also intend to go after Mahmoud? I can assure you of this – none of them will walk free from all this corruption  while under the Maliki administration.

It is just a matter of time – “The die has already been cast!” Do you know what this saying means?

Article Begins


PublishedOctober 28, 2015

A file picture taken on February 5, 2011, shows at the time Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki listening to a question during an interview in Baghdad. (AFP Photo)

The Iraqi Commission of Integrity (CoI) spokesman Adil Nouri has claimed that half of the government's oil income and funds for reconstruction were 'stolen' and 'vanished' from Iraq during the 8-year period of office of former President Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Speaking at the Iraqi Parliament, Nouri said that around 500 billion dollars from government coffers has "disappeared" and is perhaps the greatest corruption in history.

Underlining that Iraq's oil income between 2006 and 2014 alone was only $ 822 billion, he said that the Maliki government had also received more than $250 billion in funds from many countries, namely the U.S., used to pay the salaries and pensions of Iraqi government workers and for reconstruction projects.

Within the scope of corruption investigations carried out by the CoI, Nouri stated that former defense minister Hazm Shalan, former trade minister Abdul-Fatah Sudani and former electricity minister Aiham al-Sammarae were involved in graft during their tenures and charged of corruption.

Along with 53 other officials, a prosecution against the Iraqi Red Crescent authorities was also brought and is still continuing.

Adding that some of the investigations have been concluded, Nouri said "600 officials including ministers, deputy ministers, advisors, general directors have been sued on grounds of corruption. There are even officials who have been sentenced to 130 years in jail."

"Former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has also been sued for corruption but there is still no solid decision or development so, he is still out of jail," Nouri stated.

Nouri also pointed out that graft was mostly revealed within the military, particularly in the purchase firearms.

"There are a great number of them (ghost employees) in the ministry of interior…There are 57,000 people being paid as workers since 2007, when in fact they have not been to work a single day," added Nouri.

"The ministry of defense has started carrying out some procedures to eliminate this kind of corruption. It has been decided to make everyone receive his own salary in person instead of lists," he said as reported by Rudaw, a Kurdish media network.

In September Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had removed 123 deputy ministers and director generals amid a reform drive aimed at curbing corruption and streamlining the government.

Parliament also signed off on a reform plan proposed by Abadi as well as additional measures, and the prime minister began issuing orders for changes, including cutting 11 cabinet posts and slashing the bloated number of guards for officials

Article Ends

Article Begins     



BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - October 29 / October: The newspaper "Okaz" Saudi Arabia, an Iraqi security source as saying that "a Daash leaders who were arrested in the process of the American landing in Hawija, last Thursday, it was revealed the party that provides organization of cargo", noting, "The preliminary information, suggesting that the merchant who hails from Kurdish origin, provided the organization Daash hundreds of modern cars and four-wheel drive vehicles pregnancy (Pickup) under swap large quantities of oil getaway process," he described.

So a security source said, "The US ambassador in Baghdad," Stewart Jones ", handed Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi security information included merchant who is to provide the so-called organized Daash cars Toyota newly manufactured name," adding, "The US Department of the Treasury, was had requested weeks ago, the Toyota Motor Company to provide information on how to get the organization Daash, on a huge amount of the SUV from the Japanese company's production. " Ended     

Article Ends

Article Begins      


29-10-2015 03:30 PM

Chairman of the Security Committee in Parliament of quitting, said Thursday, "The last panel discussion I shared the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud and the presence of the prosecutor and most of the judges and the Chancellery of the National Security great political figures during the discussion paper reform the judiciary, asked Mahmood that these reforms be real and the field and to Anjaml one in this task the paper, especially the fall of the city of Mosul file, however, the terrorist groups. "

He added in a press statement today, he said that "the fall of Mosul sent a file to the main Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives and the Supreme Judicial Council and the Prosecutor General and the ministers of defense, interior and was supposed to take action about this file.

"He said," The committee fall of Mosul made a great effort in the investigation on the causes of the disaster that befell the city during a meeting of more than 100 military, political and civilian personal as well as a 185-hour investigative contains 23 issue of financial and administrative corruption, a real file containing many of the documents, evidence and pictures that condemns some military and civilian figures, "noting that" no one can cover up this sensitive and important to the file ".

He said chairman of the security and defense committee in Parliament by saying, "so he asked the President of the Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud position of this report and to how far arrived. "

He noted that "the Attorney General He answered that the report has been transferred sections of it to the integrity and the other to the courts," said Zamili, "waiting for the courts after two weeks to hold a dialogue with members of the Judicial Council."

He revealed Zamili, "Send book to the Judicial Council to be considered a witness in this case, "pointing to" possession of documents and testimonies and images because most of the meetings was the photographer.

"In response to a question about enabling the Iraqi judiciary to bring the condemned figures in the report of the fall of the city of Mosul, Zamili said:" There is fear and the cover-up and some trying to influence the judiciary.

"The hit Zamili, for example, about the period that can be done to cover up the fall of Mosul file, saying:" If we go back to history and say how it executed Saddam Hussein ?, on any issue executed, Saddam Hussein, was convicted and executed on the Dujail case which has from long duration of Saddam and managed to covering up the crime in the killing of Dujail sons due to intimidate citizens and having the power to eliminate the time, but history re-open the case again and executed Saddam.

"He continued," So there may be a delay and cover up the fall of Mosul file, but no one can The gloss it because we have copies of 175 pages, documents and evidence has been investigated in accordance with the correct and legal contexts did not appease one did not target people a particular country or destination.

"He pointed out that the report of the fall of Mosul, and signed by 19 members of the Commission of the total 21 were present at the meeting , "The five who objected to the report did not object to the facts in the file but was intercepted on the conversion of the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the judiciary."

He revealed Zamili, he was "subjected to many pressures from countries tried to push through some of her limbs in Iraq and ambassadors and political figures, asking that the report included the names of some political figures, but I did not Ahadden in this matter.

"He declined Zamili naming callers by saying:" It is well-known.

"He called Zamili former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to" give himself up to the judiciary to show Do you innocent or guilty, "returned Report Mosul, "as significant and should not leave it."

promised security system management in a period of eight years of rule by former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki to "bad management of the system's mission and sensitive".

He said: "In any country in the world to Aeetmkn any leader of national security, intelligence and defense department and Acting Interior to Aeetmkn of control.

"He noted that al-Maliki," put in these security systems are people who have no relationship to security and did not work in security and direct missions manages an important detail in the intelligence service or the Ministry of the Interior and the Director General in the Ministry of Defense.

"The head of the security committee and defense parliamentary: "I talked a lot with many politicians not to courtesy to receive important joints from security systems to people to Aevgahoa in security nothing, and asked them to possible courtesy to other ministries but courtesy on Iraqi blood account never is not permitted," noting that "those who were running These ministries are corrupt and bad.

"He explained that" the former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki was for a period of four years, runs the defense and interior proxy, and as a result he failed to manage it in lost differences partisan as well as problems with the Kurds and with the Sunnis and the Sadrists and the Supreme Council, "noting that it" gave the image that Maliki wants to control everybody.

"and between, it's" this period emerged from corruption and bad management contracts and slouch and a legion of aliens."

Article Ends

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Re: Friday Mnt Goat Update - "Ex-PM Maliki Losing Ground Fast" Part 1 of 2

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Friday Mnt Goat Update - "Ex-PM Maliki Losing Ground Fast" Part 2 of 2
Update: Iraqi Economic Situation

I included this article today to reveal its significance to you . There are a few golden nuggets in this article , as is in most articles if you read them carefully. First - the article below is telling us Iraq is trying to get loans once again from the IMF to make up the upcoming deficit. We have heard they want to complete this 2016 budget no later than December. It has already gone to the parliament for discussion. I have told you also not to put any weight on this budget as it will NOT force the RV. Again I say it will not force the RV. If this was the case they would certainly not be going to the World Bank for a loan.

Secondly – we are beginning to see how politics is already raising is ugly head in this matter of the budget. We wonder all the time how it takes so long to get anything done. So here we see parliamentary member Ahmed al-Badri saying “that he will not pass the federal budget for the next year in 2016 unless it includes the application of the petro-dollar law and give the oil-producing provinces right for every barrel of oil produced, as likely rebalancing to the Cabinet, as the government called for the application without delay”

So I have told you before this new oil law is all about giving oil producing regions full rights to sell their oil above and beyond meeting the government quotas as needed to fulfill the budget. As we know oil produced for the government only get the provinces 17% oil revenue kickbacks and this too is usually delayed now due to the economy and the cost of fighting ISIS. So through this new oil bill, the provinces want to produce and sell oil and  be able to keep all the proceeds, just as long as they also meet government quotas for the budget. The article just confirmed what I have been saying. We will see there is now becoming pressure to get this done.

The next article in this section is also telling us much. We now know that nearly half of the oil revenues produced over the last 8 years of the Maliki administration was either waisted or stolen. Anyway it did not go towards the intended reconstruction efforts. So now Iraq must increase its oil production and negotiate sales of oil around the world to make up this difference.

So for the economy of Iraq this is what we do know. Have you ever heard the term the middle eastern countries are “swimming in oil”? Well soon Iraq will be swimming in money. We have heard about their new program with emphasis on DIVERSIFACTION into agriculture, minerals and other products. So this is a top priority for Iraq as it is said these efforts can generate equal amounts of revenue as from the oil.

Oh- did I mention the projected Tariff revenues (if they can get the currency back online) can also reval that of oil production? 

Oh – did I mention the recovery of 60+ billion dollars (not dinars) from stolen funds from Iraq (and more to come)?

So why all the loans then?

What everyone does not know and these articles about these loans do not tell us is this money obtained is ear marked for certain projects. It must go directly to the projects. These are “pet” projects in Iraq agreed to by Iraq long time ago. They now included them in their budget and so want these organizations to pay for them.

Article Begins


Economy and Tenders Since 10/29/2015 17:06 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Detection of the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, on Thursday, the existence of meetings between the Iraqi government and the World Bank will be held early next month in Jordan in order to obtain financial loans.

He said Mohammed's / scales News /, that "the federal government in coordination with the Ministry of Finance meetings with the World Bank early next month will be held in the State of Jordan in order to obtain financial loans and assistance in the shortfall in the fiscal budget for next year after a drop in oil prices."

The member of the parliamentary finance committee, said that "some political blocs demanded installed the rights represented by the provinces in the federal budget for next year, and despite the lack of budget, but claims that this is the natural right of the citizens."

It is said that "the Committee of the Regions and the provinces parliamentary member Ahmed al-Badri confirmed L / scales News /, earlier, that he will not pass the federal budget for the next year in 2016 unless it includes the application of the petro-dollar law and give the oil-producing provinces right for every barrel of oil produced, as likely rebalancing to the Cabinet, as the government called for the application of paragraph petro-dollar order not to delay the adoption of Almoisnh.anthy 29/28

Article Ends

Article Begins

Delhi - London / Reuters

Iraq replaced Saudi Arabia as the largest exporter of crude oil to India in September for the third time this year, according to data Shipping obtained by Reuters in the framework of the competition between the two members of the OPEC, the major Asian markets, while oil prices rose on Wednesday, a day after a report showed the decline Oil inventories in the delivery in Cushing, Oklahoma, the US point.

Saudi Arabia has lost its position as the largest exporter of crude oil to China last month, as Russia has replaced the largest exporter of crude oil in the world as the largest supplier to China for the second time this year. Traders attributed to an increase in Saudi Arabia's official selling price.

Showed data obtained by Reuters Thomson Reuters service oil analysis and collected that India imported 640 thousand and 300 barrels per day from Saudi Arabia last month, down about 30 percent from August but the figure remains high 12.8 percent from the previous year.

In While Saudi Arabia's share in the Indian market over Iraq's share in one of the world's fastest-growing markets are shrinking and by offering attractive prices.

He said Ihsan big right analyst at KBC Energy Aikenomks Consulting London-based "sell Saudi oil official price under specific agreements term while Iraqi oil is sold in the spot market. In a market experiencing tremendous oversupplied usually find that the Iraqi barrels are sold at a discount from the official price.

"India and bought about 20 percent of its imports from Iraq in September, while Saudi Arabia's share fell to 17 percent from about 22 percent in August.

He said Ihsan right "when Iran back to the market will be a heated battle between Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia."

In a related context Oil prices rose on Wednesday, a day after a report showed a decline in oil inventories at the delivery point in Cushing, United States, Oklahoma, but gains It was limited as investors awaited official data on oil stocks in the United States.

It is expected that crude oil and oil products data announced by the Energy Information Administration at 1430 GMT increase in US inventories at a time when the largest exporters of crude produced at record rates to maintain market shares appear.

rose Brent crude for December 49 cents delivery to $ 47.30 a barrel 1118 GMT, and had fallen to the lowest level since mid-September yesterday Tuesday and ended a series of highs and reached the crude price to $ 54 this month.

US crude price of December 45 cents delivered to the to $ 43.65 a barrel. The contract touched the level of 42.58 Althelathaoualvait at the lowest level since late August.

And reached southern Iraq's oil exports volume since the beginning of the month so far 3.1 million barrels, which gives the signal to continued high production of major countries members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Article Ends

Update: On IMF Global Reforms

Now I want to shake off the dust from everyone’s memories. Do you remember the IMF reforms that the USA refused to even vote on to support the IMF in strategy for global reforms? These reforms go back as far as 2010. These reforms were agreed to by the USA in 2010 at the G20 summit although never even brought up for vote since then. 

Now the article below is telling us the USA senate supports these reforms and Congress may soon vote on them.

What impact will this have on Iraq? Well the USA will certainly be giving up voting rights and this could move many decisions away from consensus in USA terms. It could also be a bargaining chip for the USA in terms of getting what it wants for Iraq out of the IMF.

Article Begins

US congress push to implement IMF reforms

Friday 30 October 2015 - 2:34am

File: International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde during an IMF summit. The IMF executive board has approved a $932 million loan program for Jamaica. 

WASHINGTON - Senior U.S. officials said on Thursday they hoped to see the U.S. Congress approve reforms to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which will give emerging markets a bigger say at the global lender.

Reforms agreed in 2010 would put Brazil, China, India and Russia among the fund's top 10 shareholders but have been held up in Congress, which must back them. (BRIC if they would put it in the correct order)

A source familiar with IMF discussions said there appeared to be a chance of a deal to pass the reforms before Group of 20 leaders meet in Turkey on November 15-16.

U.S. Treasury Under Secretary for International Affairs, Nathan Sheets, said the Obama administration was focused on getting the deal done, although he did not specify a timeframe.

"The case has been effectively made on the Hill. Senior legislators from both parties recognize the importance and I remain hopeful that we will see it," he said at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

White House G20 adviser Caroline Atkinson said the IMF reform was very important and she continued to press for it.

The Senate appropriations committee has approved a funding bill that would also implement the IMF reforms, although the House version of the bill excludes them.

News agency Bloomberg reported on Thursday that Republican lawmaker Kay Granger, who is responsible for shepherding the House bill, said she was optimistic the two chambers could work out a compromise.
-    Reuters

Article Ends

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All, 
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